Locked Out for Speaking Up

On Friday 24th of July, IndependenceLive.net were streaming a very small scale protest outside of the Atos building on Cadogan Street in Glasgow. Not long into the stream a man by the name of Neil Caddle came over to speak to the protesters and decided to deliver a piece of his own over the megaphone about the treatment he and thousands of others receive at the hands of this organisation and the DWP.

Atos Arrest

Neil Caddle was at the Atos office for a medical appointment and spoke to us whilst we streamed the peaceful Scottish Resistance protest which he also decided to contribute to.

Atos staff then refused Neil entry and after eventually admitting him he was told that he had missed his appointment whilst he was locked out. The police were called and Neil was arrested.

He has been without any income since April.

As soon as I had watched this stream I realised that what had happened would not be very easy to convey to others in just words or by trying to show them a 40 minute stream and I immediately put together a short edit to show the sequence of events as they happened and hopefully to present it in a reasonably neutral manner.

What has come of this is that thousands of people have witnessed the way in which the situation unfolded and a strong feeling of injustice has been expressed. Why Neil was arrested, what offence had been committed, whether the arrest was lawful or not and whether or not Neil was even charged are questions that still need to be answered and will be in time.

What has come to light in the last few hours though, is some information from a security guard who has worked in the very same Atos building and yes, Neil was in fact refused entry to his medical because he had spoken as a part of the peaceful demonstration.

I do security and the guidelines on protests, peaceful or not are clear. Anyone who participates in any protest will be refused entry. The person is immediately seen as a security risk and will not be able to enter.

So there we have it. Neil was in fact locked out for speaking up.

As soon as the guy picked up the mic he was fucked. He should have been sensible and gone for his appointment and he would have been fine.

As the gentleman DID partake in the demonstration, however brief his bit was, I know that he would immediately be seen as a risk. Any time I have personally dealt with a peaceful demonstration, those normal folks, those who ain’t joining in, we treat normally. No issues. However, if you have been outside, shouting the odds then decide you want to come in, it ain’t gonna happen.

You attempt to enter, I will call lockdown. Doors will be closed and entry and exit of the site will be monitored

That is what my job involves. I might not always agree with shit but it’s my job.

Neil Caddle was released from Stewart Street Police Station just after six on Friday evening and was unsure whether he had even been charged with anything. He has a lawyer and the matter is being looked at. Sarah Glynn of the Scottish Unemployed Workers Network has offered to support Neil and take on his benefits case. IndependenceLive.net have also passed Neil the footage taken on the day.

4 thoughts on “Locked Out for Speaking Up

  1. ATOS Healthcare continues to deliver PIP assessments in Scotland, Maximus now delivers the Work Capability assessments.

  2. However it played out, this is clearly a violation of The international Bill of Human Rights which has been legally binding throughout the so called ‘United Kingdom’ since the 20th August 1976.

    But that fact has been buried since then, and the Labour Party is probably more to blame for that than the Tories, because they were in ‘power’ in 1945, and 1976 when The International Bill of Human Rights should have been enacted as a Constitutional Law that could not be revoked, but only improved upon.

    Whereas the so called Human Rights Act and the European Convention both ignored the fundamental principles set down in 1945 through the UN. So #tibohr and get voting for them now people, at http://38d.gs/1zzrP1t & http://goo.gl/rS4HKp.

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