Son o No Son: Catalans Will Continue to be European Citizens Regardless

Miriano Rajoy was left floundering on the issue of continued European rights for Catalans as the pressure mounts on the Madrid government ahead of this weekend’s quasi independence vote. The Spanish premiere bleated out yet more fearmongering via a mainstream media source, Onda Cero, commenting that the Catalan people would somehow lose their right to be European citizens after a declaration of independence. The radio host Carlos Alsina pointed out to Mr Rajoy that under the terms of the 1978 Spanish Constitution he and his compadres so often cite as an absolute on the eternal nature of an undivided Spain, actually states that any Spanish born individual maintains their right to be Spanish by virtue of their birth. This by extension would protect all present day Catalans as members of the EU regardless of the issue of succession.

Mariano Rajoy was not particularly comfortable with this and as I have said before, the Madrid and EU parliaments may have postured already but they have yet to have their mettle tested. Negotiations between Barcelona and Madrid as well as Brussels are set to open up as per the first points on the ‘Road Map’ should a majority of pro-independence parties be returned in next Sunday’s regional elections in Catalunya. Current polls suggest that they could well take 78 seats which would be 10 more than necessary for a mandate for independence. UDI is expected eight months from now.

I don’t think this question changes our position.

Mariano Rajoy 22/09/15

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