A Tale of Two Teacakes

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It was announced yesterday 04/01/16 that the confectioners Tunnock’s, would be departing from its long held Scottish identity to become singularly ‘British’. The Scottish Lion Rampant is now gone from the packaging as the ‘great British teacake’ is now to be made more saleable to an English market. The Daily Record of all unionist rags was given the chance to lap up the anti Scottish rhetoric which was met on social media by a backlash of disgust and revolt at what is seen as a nothing less than a slur on Scottish identity by many thousands of Scots.

We could have said Scottish but you’re then promoting Scotland. We’re British” (Boyd Tunnock)

By teatime – in my opinion – the hurt and anger was needing a positive outlet and so a call was made over two of the most popular YES oriented facebook pages:

How would a wee rush of likes and positive comments about how Lees’ have just inherited 45% of Tunnock’s trade look?
Would it look like we’re just sitting back and taking this?

Since I encouraged the drive to like the Lees of Scotland facebook page their page has seen a 15% increase in likes. Just think what that would mean if translated into sales figures. Scotland was and still is being bullied by big companies but once we realise that they rely on our loyalty to survive within competitive markets, then we can exert our will by peacefully divesting away from those who act against our interests. Tunnock’s conspired with the establishment to steal our children’s futures from them. They backed the Better Together campaign and pay money to the Conservative party that is destroying our communities and brutalising the disabled. So what is called for here is a form of peaceful direct action and for people to switch to Lees’ of Scotland who have remained neutral.

BuzzFeedNews – storm in a Teacake

Crocodile tears have been shed over the ‘charitable’ act of funding a vital lifeboat at St Abbs in the Scottish Borders but that neglects the fact that Tunnock’s donate tens of thousands of annual profits every year to the very Tories who have closed Clyde and Forth MRCCs, which will leave the central belt of Scotland, where the population is most densely concentrated, without a Coastguard station, all because we are allowing them to steal the people’s wealth. It goes without saying that people will die because of these decisions.

Closure of vital Scottish Coastguards

More tears over hypothetical job losses at Tunnock’s were switched on in an attempt to protect a vulnerable sales forecast for the conniving confectioner. Best tell those pesky vegetarians and vegans about all the job losses in the meat and dairy industry then too, eh? All those homeless farmers just because they want to make a point about animal suffering. How petty can some people be?

So a modest voice popped up on social media late last evening to make a very similar plea. That Tunnock’s please stop using unsustainable palm oil. The voice was pretty much apolitical on the matter but spoke from the heart over this less discussed matter. In short Palm oil production destroys 300 football pitches worth of rainforest every hour, killing off endangered orangutans, tigers, displacing indigenous peoples and causing deadly landslides. I encouraged this individual to ride the wave whilst the attention was with Tunnock’s and a petition was put into circulation. The petition was already a month old and had maybe gone a little stale but the attention it received from the rounds done on Twitter and Facebook had its numbers jump from just over 2000 to breach 4000 and beyond today.

Tunnock’s – Stop Using Palm Oil Petition

Personally about 6 years ago I switched from Nairn’s oatcakes to Patterson’s for that very reason. A principle to always bear in mind here is that these brands operate within competitive markets. Regardless of their products, there are others selling the same thing and we can choose to buy one over the other based on such ethical or other concerns. I would like to think that with the thousands of new signatures comes thousands of conscientious buyers who think twice about buying palm oil products.

Daily Record – News or sponsorship of Tunnock’s???

Palm Oil’s Role in the Indonesian Fire Disaster of 2015 – George Monbiot

The BBC basically promoting the Tory teacake

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