An open letter to those whom it may concern

After yesterday’s declaration of war on the most vulnerable in our society I would just like to say to those humans and I use the term loosely. Those individuals who have some preconceived idea that they are above everyone else just because they conform to their masters by paying their taxes. For that privilege they get to look down on their fellow humans, post offensive remarks on twitter and facebook and generally feel proud of themselves. In essence they are just cowards, keyboard warriors, fingers tap, tap, tapping on keys, it is those individuals whom think it is perfectly okay to demonise, threaten and sometimes carry out those threats on the most vulnerable in our society, disabled people being pushed from wheelchairs, people being spat on. Those are the individuals we should all be worried about. Those tossers who think they have every right to attack because the propaganda machine is at work on them.

Benefit scroungers, workshy, feckless, shouldn’t be allowed, why should I pay for their children? It’s about time to sort them out, Osborne’s right. I’d kill the lot of them.

I wonder how many of these so called humans draw working tax credits. Taxpayers topping up their wages.

The assumption these humans and again I use the term loosely believe is that one size fits all. It most definitely does not. People draw benefits for all sort of reasons. Some are sick, some are disabled, some are unemployed, incidentally those who have been unemployed two years or more were all in employment when the coalition took over, and those who have been unemployed practically all their lives aren’t scroungers they are people that society forgot. People who used to work in big industry, coal miners, steel workers. You know when Britain was once a proud working class nation.

Thatcher does have a lot to answer for. And now we have Cameron, Osborne, and of course that horrid little man Iain Duncan Smith continuing her work, only going much, much deeper.

Before we had Blair, and Brown, Labour, the party who once stood up for the working class, now they stand against them, gone are the principals  Labour were formed on, now  they are the same as their Tory buddies. They all have one aim and one aim only, destroy, destroy, and destroy. And they are making a damn good job of destroying everyone whom they see as a blight on society, this is an agenda, pure and simple, to depopulate. Evil, people with an evil agenda.

So to the keyboard warriors, please continue, if it makes you feel good, if that is the type of human you are, self-appointed, self-righteous, morons, on you go but remember one thing. You are only one pay cheque or one illness away from being on the wrong side of this agenda. Don’t get sick, and just hope to god your firm doesn’t close.

Meanwhile those with a conscious will be out fighting for our fellow brothers and sisters, those whom these evil parasites have their sights on. You have got some of our sisters and brothers, but I am dammed whether you will get them all.

Go back to the planet you crawled out of because this one belongs to us.

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