Cameron Desperate To Murder Syrian Citizens

The lives of many innocent Syrian civilians including children will be decided at an expected Parliamentary vote next week. It seems clear that many sane and reasonable people that are currently classed as citizens of the UK are against the UK bombing of Syria, but will the politicians take heed? There seems to be a […]

Stockholm Syndrome, Propaganda And The Awakening

 The dark ages of perfidious unionism must end. It’s time to embrace that visceral feeling inside that tells you: independence is normal. This Insidious union of Scots and English parliaments is a symbiosis, which has proven to be parasitical as opposed to mutually beneficial. Times are changing and the awakening continues apace.  It’s time for that […]

Greece should fight the ‘Euro Club’ from within

I believe the Syriza party is selling the Greek population a pig in a poke.  They are misleading the population by adopting a populist stance on Europe and currency while still appealing to the radical left that they are a fundamentally anti-establishment party.  They have mismanaged the negotiations over the Greek bailout situation, and now […]

Where’s the Chilcot Report and Rendition Facts?

As Rabbie Burns once said ‘Time winds th’ exhausted chain’ and surely the Bards chains of time must now be at breaking point waiting for the damning contents of the Chilcot report to be made public and to know the full facts of extraordinary rendition. The UK government must release the truth about both complicity […]