Spain Threatens to Take Control of Catalunya’s Finances

The measure is to ‘guarantee that no euros are spent on illegal activities’, said Spanish Treasury Minister In a desperate flail the out of touch Madrid Government have snatched at the purse strings of the aspiring Catalan Autonomy. Vilaweb have reported today that Spain is out to ensure that not a single penny more of […]

The Endocannabinoid System – A Wee Primer

This is just a basic primer and bullet points of the mechanics and pictures of moments and systems, in time. They do not explain the full function of the EC system which is always on the quest for homeostasis, balance, equilibrium… and through this, allows us to be fully engaged in the flow of life. […]

More International Figures Sign Up To ‘Let Catalans Vote’ Manifesto

Some 50 personalities have joined the campaign with recent adherents including Nobel Peace laureate Jody Williams, singer and activist Yoko Ono and former footballer Eric Cantona. The international campaign ‘Let Catalans vote’ (‘Deixeu votar els catalans’) continues to grow with now more than half a hundred global figures signed up to its manifesto. Since 2014, […]

Get Tae, Franco!

Provocative street poster initiative aims to remind public of “origin of Spanish institutions” on 81st anniversary of fascist dictator’s coup. Several large cities in Catalonia woke up this morning to find their streets filled with posters showing dictator Francisco Franco’s face on a black background, with the following phrase in Spanish: “Don’t vote. On October […]

Prosecuting Catalan Leaders ‘Can Only Fuel’ Independence

MEP Tremosa tells Catalan News that ‘in Brussels it’s very difficult to justify denying not only a referendum but also political dialogue’ Prosecuting pro-independence leaders is counter-productive for Spain. At least this is what Catalan Liberal MEP, Ramon Tremosa, who is in favor of independence, argued in an interview with Catalan News. “I don’t see […]

It’s Not Up To Spain to Decide!

International professors taking part in a seminar on self-determination in Barcelona on Thursday rejected the Spanish government’s attitude towards Catalonia’s demand to decide its political future. Moreover, the academics claimed that self-determination is not only something to be granted to colonies, but is a right for any people who wishes to exercise it. The experts […]

Spain Sends Civil Guard to Seize Documents Relating to Independence Announcement

The JxSí pro-independence party is “outraged” by the order to send the Spanish Civil Guard police into the National Theater of Catalonia (TNC in Catalan) on Thursday to seize documents relating to the event held last week to present the referendum bill. On his Twitter account, party president, Jordi Turull, called the visit by the […]

Scotland Pays Tribute to Catalan Film

Edinburgh and Glasgow to screen week of productions in second edition of Homage to Catalonia festival from September 27 to October 5 Scotland will pay its own tribute to Catalonia in September when Edinburgh once again hosts Scotland’s Catalan Film Festival, Homage to Catalonia, from 27 to 30, with the event moving to neighboring Glasgow […]

‘The Spanish Can’t Stop Us’ – Catalan Vote to Trigger UDI

And so the game is on. The devolved autonomous Catalan Government have announced their intention to hold a vote on independence for Catalunya which will – if successful – be a trigger for a Unilateral Declaration of Independence. A website with full details has also been launched leaving no-one with any excuse for not knowing […]

Glasgow The ‘Guinea Pig’ – Jobcentre Closures

The Scottish National Party has described the Department for Work and Pensions’ plan to close half the Jobcentres in Glasgow as “morally outrageous” and have raised concerns that the city is being used as the “guinea pig” for more devastating cuts across the UK. The DWP proposals – part of the “People and Locations” programme […]