Greek’s choose hard road, but Tsipras needs to walk the walk by Al Innes

Following the spectacular victory of OXI in Greece, a new very challenging week started this morning. Al Innes continues to explore the complexity of the Greek situation with a new piece of writing in his blog ( , which we republish here. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ The choice was far from simple. As I pointed out on this […]

Greece in Europe: Choosing the history we want to remember by Al Innes

As the referendum results are firming up in Greece with 61% in favour of NO, the article below by Al Innes becomes increasingly relevant. In this article, which was posted earlier today in his blog (, Al Innes draws a brilliant picture of the cultural complexity surrounding the political decision Greek people were asked to […]

#Greferendum 5 – A written interview by Daniel Albarracin (Podemos)

Voting has just ended in Greece, 7pm local time, today Sunday 5 July 2015. Will it be a No, or a Yes? In an effort to keep up with rapid developments about the Greek Referendum, I am posting here a written interview kindly provided by Daniel Albarracin, member of Podemos. The Spanish have been extremely […]

Should ‘alternative’ Scottish media chase news stories?

On Sunday 21st June, six months on from the CommonSpace launch, there is an afternoon party event in Glasgow organised by CommonSpace to celebrate new media in Scotland ( . And the discussion has already started! G.A. Ponsonby, a founder and former editor of is not convinced that there are reasons for this celebration. […]