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All of us can agree that we need change and that the only way we will achieve our aims is to be proactive with the resources and opportunities available to us. The team at have come together from a variety of backgrounds and in the main, work on our own initiative with only basic technology. What is created comes from the creativity of the individuals and what is produced is an invaluable direct medium which is flexible and largely without constraints. It follows events and interfaces with people as our operators feel appropriate and the viewers get an unedited and realistic account of things as the camera takes them from the beginning to the end of a single stream.

This is a new style and a young technology and it would be fair to say that have pioneered the art and led the way in many respects for others to involve themselves in similar work. We see this new style as a reflection of the need in our society for some honesty. We feel very strongly about the truth when we cover events or host conversations with people, it is always a very fair representation with no twist; albeit we have been known to have a bit of fun too. That’s it though, it’s always extremely watchable and for many of our keen viewers a quite enriching addiction. I’m sure we all pause and take stock of just how privileged we are to be able to join in with so many things and what we have learned and experienced will be with us forever. What we are doing is literally making Scottish history as all of our materials are archived with the National Library of Scotland.

So we make this plea to expand our network of operators. All of us are volunteers with either full time work, study or other roles of responsibility which dominate our lives but we all have free time and choose to get involved in livestreaming. Anyone can do it and as mentioned, it’s all about using your creativity and utilising the resources available to you. A smartphone, tablet or even a laptop are all within our reaches and can be transformed with the installation of the free livestream app, into a live camera capturing happenings with an audience often in the hundreds. Getting involved begins by deciding to do so. Just get in touch with us and we can train you up and get you into the team.

This new style of media is also very relevant to the new style of politics which people have pushed for and have a vision for. We have worked with all of the main Scottish political parties whilst remaining neutral but we have now a unique situation of 56 SNP MPs elected by the people of Scotland to show up the Westminster system for what it really is. Let us be honest here, the mainstream media will not be the portal to convey the message of what is going on down there. It will be a mouthpiece of the establishment and will consistently seek to undermine our Scottish representatives and portray their hard work in the most negative terms. In interviews they will be put on the defensive at all times and cut off from speaking and basically portrayed as in the wrong.

Politics can be difficult. It can be difficult to get things done as problems arise and invariably people become less and less co-operative as they all try to defend their interests. What our 56 representatives really need to do is to communicate with the people who they represent, directly. We want to know what’s happening down there and what you are trying to achieve. We also understand when explained to, that it can be a lot of very hard work to get results and this is exactly what our 56 need to show us. proposes that our 56 adopt us as their regular, direct channel of communication to speak straight to the people back home. Whatever it is that you’re doing, show us it. Get your iPhone out and stream a chat with others about what your up to, take us on a tour of the places you go to work and bring us the ‘on the ground reality’ of the situations you are in. Let us hear from the real people that you meet and the people you help. This is the new style politics and are the essential link in the chain of how the 56 will be there for the people and be able to put the combative arrogance of the mainstream media to the side.

This is the change that we all cry out for. There are so many participants out there involving themselves in a variety of interesting situations and a mass of info hungry, awakened people who love to be invited into an enriching livestream. No more the top down, authority stance setting the agenda for us. No longer the prompting to begin our days arguing with our workmates over some slanted take on a trivial matter. Perspective is what allows us to weigh things up rationally and what that takes is involvement from people. are very keen to host yet more training seminars and get recognised groups and elected officials to operate independently and widen the content that our channel delivers. This is vital to driving the change that we desire and could be one of the most important devices available to the 56.

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