The lives of many innocent Syrian civilians including children will be decided at an expected Parliamentary vote next week. It seems clear that many sane and reasonable people that are currently classed as citizens of the UK are against the UK bombing of Syria, but will the politicians take heed?

There seems to be a lack of justification for this arbitrary action, which would undoubtedly result in the loss of many innocent lives just like Iraq. It appears the UK will be perfectly happy to inflict this carnage upon Syria and then cage the Syrian people there with no means of escape, as evidenced by the announcement that Turkey will receive €3bn (£2.1bn) and political concessions in return for strengthening its borders and keeping fleeing refugees within the country to be bombed.

This is follows a Turkish background of Russia announcing a package of economic sanctions against them over the shooting down of a Russian jet on the Syrian border last Tuesday, which includes restrictions on trade and Turkish nationals working for Russian companies as well as the banning of charter flights between the countries.

This is the same Turkish regime who just yesterday, assassinated a pro Kurdish lawyer who had been supporting the journalists that Turkish President Recep Erdogan had arrested for “divulging state secrets”, something Noam Chomsky described as “Turkey continues to muzzle democracy’s watchdogs” The editor-in-chief of Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet, along with that newspaper’s Ankara bureau chief, has been arrested after publishing a report that Turkey’s intelligence agency has been arming Syrian rebels against Bashar al-Assad.

Britain is already involved in air strikes against IS jihadists in Iraq following their last illegal war. They have left Iraq in a far worse state, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people and leaving child malnutrition, psychological problems, no safe drinking water, cholera, birth defects and cancers from coalition chemical weapons and a severe lack of doctors to aid the suffering. Then there are the 3 million displaced Iraqis many of whom have already ended up in Syria.

The War Machine though has kicked in, to convert the minds of this unsuspecting public and the opportunists have grasped the recent atrocity in Paris as a justification. French President Francois Hollande has urged British MPs to back the bombing and callously, linked this to a tribute to the 130 victims of the Paris attacks, while generalising everyone who doesn’t agree with him as an “army of fanatics”. This is not the way to support Parisians, especially when the terrorists where French nationals, despite the slant of mass media.

There is little enthusiasm from the wider public, but Cameron’s has been trying since 2013 to convince others over military action against the Assad regime but had met resistance from the opposition. Bombing doesn’t work to bring stability a country; it has been proven in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their aim is clearly to do the opposite and destabilise Syria along with their allies.

It seems, the usual suspects, of the UK, US, France and Israel have an agenda they are trying to play out. Israel, has a history of atrocities in their march towards a Greater Israel and this includes illegal annexing of territory belonging to Syria, therefore it suits their purposes to aid illegal regime change and destabilise Syria. Assad has increasingly relied on support from allies Iran and the Lebanon group Hezbollah, both sworn enemies of Israel. Amos Gilad, the director of the political-security in the Defence Ministry, ominously told a cultural event in Beersheba, “Syria is a dead state, and Israel must understand this and prepare accordingly,”

Just look at the words of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who recently told Vladimir Putin that Iran and Syria have been providing Hezbollah with advanced weapons, thousands of which are directed at Israeli cities. “At the same time, Iran, under the auspices of the Syrian army, is attempting to build a second terrorist front against us from the Golan Heights (Israeli illegally occupied Syria, for which they have no UN mandate).” This entire statement is false but clearly shows the intentions of Israel in the region. There are already reports that Israel carried out four airstrikes on the Syrian regime and Hezbollah positions in the area of Syria’s Qalamoun mountains last Monday night.

Here is some food for thought. Sky News owner Rubert Murdoch is a major shareholder in a company called Genie Energy which has exclusive rights to explore for oil in the oil rich area of Golan Heights. They were granted this by Israel, despite it being internationally recognized Syrian land. Only in October. A massive (billions of barrels) oil deposit has been found there with enough reserves to last Israel for decades.

The Westminster vote could be Wednesday, so expect an interesting build up as the Tories try to convince their red tory pals to bomb Syria as Cameron lobbies opposition MPs, attempting to gain a clear majority on the vote. Jeremy Corbyn leads a Labour party in disarray over the looming vote. He opposes the bombing individually while many of his MPs enthusiastically support it. Rather weekly, Corbyn wrote an email to canvas opinion to his fractured party to consult them on what to do, which appears he is being led rather than leading in the issue. Labour MP David Lammy says it will lead to resignations.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell says there should be a free vote for Labour MPs. He also said on Twitter, “On Syria, can everyone calm down. We’re all simply working through the issues & coming to final decision. Don’t mistake democracy for division.” I would say to John that people have a right to be concerned and that there is no democracy in a bomb and this will not bring any calm to the Syria situation.

As the Stop The War Coalition chairman Andrew Murray urged demonstrators in London a few days ago, “This is a conflict that cannot and will not be solved by bombing”. I would urge readers to sign the anti-bombing petition here:



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