Catalunya – CUP Freeze Out Artur Mas

Artur Mas is set to become the first Presidential candidate to be denied a majority at this stage in the formation of the new Catalan parliament. The far left CUP have maintained their anti- Mas position and joined the unionists in denouncing Mas as a candidate leaving him with only the 62 votes of the ‘Junts pel Si’ coalition.

Artur Mas

CUP brought the pro independence process about by adding 10 seats to the overwhelming parliamentary majority on the 27th of September but are at odds with Artur Mas as a right winger with a corruption allegation hanging over him. The schedule for the upcoming weeks established that the parliamentary groups will hold meetings and continue to negotiate in order to present an alternative candidate, but if one is not chosen before the 10th of January, the Parliament will have to call elections again and jeopardise the independence process which is already being resisted by the Spanish Constitutional Court.

Artur Mas has maintained his position that he is standing as the leader of the fight against the Madrid establishment to achieve an independent Catalunya and to step aside when that job is done.

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  1. Shame. The last thing the Catalunyan independence movement needs at this stage is division. It seems the ‘left’ in many countries have a history of causing this type of division when what’s required is a cohesive unit.

    I think CUPS have a responsibility having stood on an indie ticket to just suck it up and get back to the socialist fight once it happens. Why confuse one battle with another? You will win nothing that way.

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