Catalunya 27S: Shit Just Got Real

Voting intentions for Catalan Parliament  27S
Voting intentions for Catalan Parliament 27S

Pro-independence parties will get a comfortable majority, according to a survey by Madrid based broadsheet El País. The regional elections are taking place as normal in Catalunya but a return of mainly pro-independence parties will deliver a mandate for the Roadmap to Independence to be implemented and a very likely declaration of UDI in 18 months time. The immediate response will be to open a negotiation with both the Madrid and EU parliaments, both of whom have postured but have yet to have their mettle tested.


Junts pel Si, or Together for Yes is a candidacy coalition of five pro independence parties for the parliament of Catalunya and are running on a ticket of independence for the autonomy from the nation state of Spain. They are not alone in this venture as the left wing CUP run along side but maintain their independence in the running and are expected to be the difference in getting the whole independentist majority over the line. The Barcelona list for Junts pel Si is headed by the ex-ICV MEP Raul Romeva, followed by Carme Forcadell (ANC), Muriel Casals (Omnium Cultural), Artur Mas (CDC) and Oriol Junqueras (ERC). In Gerona, the head list is the singer Lluís Llach, in Tarragona the economist Germà Bel and in Lleida public official Josep Maria Forné.

An average of all surveys so far points to the pro-independence majority in the Catalan Parliament after the 27-S quasi independence vote.

Together the sum of the Together for Yes and CUP would get between 76 and 78 seats, 10 more than an absolute majority, according to the survey released on Saturday afternoon. Unionists Ciudadanos, the sort of Lib Dems of Spain would take up second spot with up to 19 members, and relegate to fifth position the far right PP and ruling Spanish government party with just 10 seats.

On Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th, the day of the vote, I will be reporting live from Barcelona and be bringing you all the ‘on the ground reality’ that the mainstream media will not. I will be taking you on a tour of the barrios of Barcelona to meet and talk with the very people who may be voting for a new independent state within the EU. I will also be speaking with key players in the Catalan political scene as well as Catalan writers and bloggers. This is our chance to really connect with our Catalan brothers and sisters. Please, join us and get involved. coverage will begin at 2pm Scottish time and run for approximately an hour and a half and be followed by streams to be announced. Results coverage will be accompanied by intelligent punditry and a few cañas.

Nb: This coverage is NOT available on mainstream media.

Saturday, Coverage From 14:00 Scottish Time

Polling Day, Coverage From 14:00 Scottish Time (subject to change)

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  1. It will fascinating to see how this one pans out. You could put money on Madrid being stubborn in the extreme and avoiding dialogue with Catalunya (that’s right-wingers for you). They will find substantial support in Scotland for sure.

    If it goes all the way to UDI, which is a reasonably likely outcome, and are recognised by the EU and further afield, this would clearly add legitimacy to a Scottish case under similar circumstances of non-recognition and dialogue from London (remember Cameron already said there would not be an indieref 2).

    A Spanish veto to block an independent Catalunya to the EU would spark a long overdue change to the undemocratic veto’s themselves I reckon. Interesting times there, and I wish them the best of luck at the weekend and the next 18 months that could see them become a fully independent entity.

  2. Calling Ciudadanos an equivalent to the lib-dems is, in my opinion, an erroneous comparison. Some of their members, including leader Albert Rivera, have ties with neo fascist organisations and refused to uphold a vote condemning the Franquist dictatorship held in the Catalan parliament. A far cry from UK lib dems!

    1. I use the comparison mildly in jest but Ciudadanos have had an image of being centerist and possibly even progressive whilst in reality upholding a more right wing agenda; similar to the Lib Dems sellout performance of 2010 – 2015.

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