1. NAME
    This collective shall be called Independence Live (Hereinafter referred to as the Collective).
    1. The objects of the Collective shall be
    1. The affairs of the Collective shall be conducted by an Executive Committee which shall consist of the officers plus at least two members, all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
    2. The officers of the Collective shall be the Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. If the post of any officer or ordinary committee member should fall vacant after such an election, the Executive Committee shall have the power to fill the vacancy until
      the succeeding Annual General Meeting.
    3. All Executive Committee members must be members of the Collective.
    4. The said Officers shall also be the trustees ex officiis of the Collective who shall hold any property belonging to the Collective in their name and shall further be entitled to sue and be sued on behalf of the Collective as trustees ex officiis. They shall all be entitled to personal indemnity out of the funds of the Collective where they are acting bona fide in their capacity as Officers of the Collective.
    5. The Executive Committee shall have full power to deal with all matters relating to the Collective not reserved to a General Meeting in terms of this Constitution.
    1. Annual General Meeting

      The Collective shall hold an Annual General Meeting in the month of October to:

      • Approve the minutes of the previous year’s AGM.
      • Receive reports from the Chair and Secretary.
      • Receive a report from the Treasurer and approve the Annual Accounts.
      • Receive a report from those responsible for certifying the Collective’s accounts.
      • Elect the Executive Committee.
      • Appoint someone responsible for certifying the Collective’s accounts.
      • Consider changes to the Constitution.
      • Deal with other relevant business.
    2. Extraordinary General Meeting
      An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called by an application in writing to the Secretary supported by at least 30% of the members of the Collective. The Executive Committee shall also have the power to call an Extraordinary General Meeting by decision of a simple majority of its members.
    3. Notices
      At least 14 days’ notice and the Agenda shall be given to all voting members of any General Meeting. No business shall be conducted unless fair notice thereof is contained in the Agenda.
    4. Voting
      • Only members can vote at meetings.
      • With the exception of changes to the Constitution, decisions put to a vote shall be resolved by simple majority at General Meetings.
      • The Chair of the Collective shall hold a deliberative as well as a casting vote at general and committee meetings, in each case at the time the meeting commences its business.
    5. Quora
      The quorum at General Meetings shall be 20% of the full members and the quorum for Committee Meetings shall be 50% of the Committee members.
    6. Changes to the Constitution
      • Any change to the Constitution shall require a two thirds’ majority of those present, eligible to vote and voting at a General Meeting.
      • A proposal to change the Constitution must be submitted in writing to the Secretary who shall circulate the proposal to all members and allow seven days for submission of any amendments before calling a meeting in accordance with rule 5(iii) above.
      • All proposals for changes to the Constitution shall be signed by two members eligible to vote at a General Meeting.
    1. The financial year shall run from 1 November to 31 October each year.
    2. The Honorary Treasurer shall be responsible for the preparation of Annual Accounts of the Collective.
    3. The Accounts shall be certified by an appropriate independent person elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.
    4. All members of the Collective (except those under 18) shall be jointly and severally responsible for the financial liabilities of the Collective.
    1. The Collective is a non-profit making organisation. All profits and surpluses will be used to maintain or improve or develop the Collective’s facilities or to carry out the objects of the Association to which it is affiliated. No profit or surplus will be distributed other than to another non-profit making body on a winding-up or dissolution of the Collective.
    2. If, upon the winding up or dissolution of the Collective there remains after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities any property whatsoever, the same shall be transferred to some other organisation or organisations having objects similar to the objects of the Collective, such organisation or organisations
      to be determined by the members of the Collective by Resolution passed at a General meeting or in the absence of such a resolution (or that the extent to which it cannot be given effect) to the Association to which the Collective is affiliated.

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