Did Nicola Sturgeon just announce indyref2?

In a week where Tesco decided to boycott their Scottish customers by ditching our flag and Jeremy Corbyn couldn’t find a seat on a train, some real politics actually happened today.

Following Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement she would explore all options to protect Scotland’s place in the EU, she has all but concluded that will mean a second independence referendum.

In a Bute House press conference today, the First Minister made clear that the UK leaving the EU, effectively kills off any other option that will not leave Scotland worse off.

The basis for this argument is the first in a planned series of impact assessment publications by the Office of the Chief Economic Adviser. They have found, based on projections by a number of external organisations, the cost to the Scottish economy of leaving the EU could range from £1.7 billion to £11.2 billion per year by 2030.

The key moment from the FM came when she said:

“What today’s publication illustrates is that, whatever the final form of Brexit – whatever ‘Brexit means Brexit’ turns out to mean – the old argument that the UK somehow delivers financial security for Scotland, no longer holds water. Brexit will be deeply damaging to Scotland’s economy and finances.”

Note the use of ‘whatever’ which effectively means regardless of options such as a reverse Greenland or the terms of dealing with the EU single market or participation on EU research mechanisms such as Horizon2020, the Scottish Government has concluded all options are damaging to our economy.

The logical conclusion therefore is that the only acceptable outcome for Scotland’s economy is by avoiding Brexit entirely and this can only be done through a second independence referendum.Yep, it's coming folks!

Meanwhile, as economists put cost of UK losing the European Union single market membership at £75bn, equivalent to 4% of GDP, the UK construction sector in Q2 is down by 0.7% and now in recession, the pound trades at worst levels against euro in about three years. Footfall in Scotland fell for the second month in a row, down 1.9 per cent in July following a 3.3 per cent fall in June, according to the Scottish Retail Consortium. Oh yes, and France overtook the UK as the world’s 5th largest economy, while the EU overall GDP is up by 0.4%.

It really would be refreshing of our Scottish journalists actively reported on and highlighted these important facts rather than ‘retreating into a self affirming huddle’ as Pete Wishart astutely observed. There we have it then, no date yet but a clear indication of intentions by a determined and diligent First Minister of Scotland that a referendum on Scotland’s independence is once again on the horizon.

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  1. I take it this just a political attempt to get the dim witted concentrating on anything but the Scottish economy , are the figures due out today ? So lets look at the claims which by the way are nothing but guesses . So the supposed cost of losing £ is hotly debated and not put out by economists , I believe it was one think tank and they based their figures on the Norway model , which as far as I can see few think will end up being the final deal between UK/EU . It also takes no account of the extra payments the UK has had to make to the EU over the 7 year period up to 2020 . So far we have made I beleive extra payments of 1.7 and 2.4 billion , despite a supposed freeze in budgets , the EU have finally had to admit that the EU institute ( the parliament not the countries ) is Euro 200 billion in debt and our share is an extra £ 21 billion . So on top of our contribution that is an extra £ 3.5billion a year 2013-2020 . Again cleverly they are saying a freeze on budget 2021-2028 session but they no doubt will carry on spending and give every one a bill at the end . Some estimate the same again plus , so we know they need an extra Euro 200 billion just to run parliament etc , so over 7 years at same increase that would be Euro 400 billion and then they have expansion plans which again , no more than a guess some say would cost another Euro 200 billion . So possibly the extra bill between now and 20288 for the UK is as high as £ 75 billion ! So even if all guesses are right , we are no worse off !!! The info is correct on the building trade but the official report stated ‘ as expected and nothing to do with Brexit ‘ . France over took the UK purely on the change in exchange rate whicg is actually good news as tourism is up 7% and imports are up ! EU GDP was up 3% and France in that was 0 % , UK grew 6% at the same time . Scotland is doing badly but who runs the Scottish economy ?? Oh and legally they still cannot hold a referendum , wonder when all these indy 2 people will catch on she is useless at her job and that it was they should be concentrating on ! So basically a pack of lies .

    1. todays news 1.7 trillion in debt.uk current account minus 44 billion pounds.balance of payments imports against exports widening each month.hardly figures to be proud of.ound will get hammered day we sign article 50.

    1. What a load of old rubbish Kevin. Article 50 hasn’t even been triggered yet and graph-drawers such as yourself wish to pretend we’ve seen the worst of Brexit.

      Staying with the UK is clearly now the fools’ choice with the £1.7bn debt you forgot to mention and years of idealogical austerity to come.

  2. Kevin , you are the one, that’s packing all the lies mate. and if you think the EU is not going to come down the UK like a ton of bricks , you are living in coo coo land. the UK will not get to cherry pick , That would be departmental to the EU. the UK will suffer, and must suffer, to stop any others getting the same idea about exiting the EU….. storm clouds are coming. baton down the hatches …… ps If being out was such a good idea why has the 50 not been initiated ??? fact is they are shitting them self’s to sign it………end

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