Edge Fund Forum for Radical Sharing

The Forum for Radical Sharing 14 November Glasgow
Linnéa Rowlatt
for the Edge Fund, 28th October 2015

If you are an activist campaigning on your own behalf, then you or your group could be applying to the Edge Fund. And you could also become a member and decide with other members which projects get funded. Unfortunately our most recent round (we run 2-3 a year) has just closed, but you would be welcome at our event in Glasgow on Sat 14th November. See our website http://edgefund.org.uk

Since sustainable activism is such an important part of success, the Edge Fund created the Forum for Radical Sharing. We know that by coming together, people are deeply and happily inspired by sharing experience and skills. So, we created a space for sharing the hard-won knowledge gained by the groups with whom we work and our members. We call this space the Forum for Radical Sharing, and we are now organizing a Forum in Glasgow on Saturday, 14 November.

What is the Forum for Radical Sharing?
 The Forum is a gathering where groups and members come together to compare approaches and methods, and to learn from each others’ strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is to explicitly introduce groups within and across issues, foster collaboration, and promote the kind of conversations which leave us all feeling energized, positive, and better able to achieve our goals.

The Forum aims:
to identify the challenges faced by your community,
to talk to each other and with us about the methods you used in achieving your goals,
to identify the skills that you need to meet your challenges,
to identify people who would be able to teach or provide the skills you need to meet your challenges and
to find and give support in achieving social justice.

A participant in the first Forum in Manchester gave this feedback:

“I think it was an amazing start, and I feel that in going further to refine a unique process the Edge is going to continue to build really amazing solidarity, collectivism and radical mutual aid.”

Where and When
We will be holding the third Forum in Glasgow on Saturday, 14 November, from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm. The venue is fully accessible and some funds are available for transportation and childcare.
Would you and/or another member of your group like to take part? In summary, registering for the Forum means getting together with groups working on a range of issues, sharing tactics and information, a free lunch and refreshments, and some great energy.

Please let us know if you can come as soon as you are able, either at ‘[email protected] or by telephone, at 07456 597 306. You can also contact us with questions.


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