Greece is WW2’s Czechoslovakia

Like most I am appalled by the behaviour of the European Union towards Greece. And in particular Germany. Unable to sleep I took to twitter and was immediately drawn to the hash tag ThisIsACoup. Having read tweet after tweet it became apparent just how angry people were with the Capitalist Bankers. However my own thoughts returned to something I had read while researching The Second World War. So much so that I actually dug the book out this morning to have another read. To say the similarities are quite shocking is an understatement. The only difference the European Union has not ridden into Greece. Well not yet anyway.

To quote from Chronical of The Second World War by Longman Communications Ltd

An exultant Fuhrer was received with cheers, tears and boos as he rode into Prague this afternoon (March 15th 1939) to fulfil what he proclaimed to be Germany’s historic destiny, Czechoslovakia; the first democratic state to rise in Central Europe lies in ruins. Himmler’s Gestapo is taking over as Field Marshall, Goering is raiding the Czechoslovak National Bank of millions of Gold Crowns to bail out the near bankrupt Reichsbank

Some 12 hours earlier at five minutes to four in the morning, the broken Czechoslovak President , Dr Emil Hacha, had signed away his country’s independence after a night of bullying by Hilter, Goering and Von Ribbentrap. At one point when they had chased him round the room in Berlin Chancellery waving papers to sign Hacha fell unconscious to the floor and Hilter’s quack physician Theodore Morell, was called to administer injections which sufficiently revived the President to enable him to put pen to paper and telephone Prague with the order to surrender.

Around seventeen hours of overnight talks European Leaders a deal has been thrashed out, which will hopefully set Greece on the path to recovery. I have serious misgivings regarding the intentions of the European Union there blatant disregard for the people of Greece speaks volumes. They do not give a flying fig as long as the dept. gets paid.

Absolutely disgusting behaviour, but can we expect anything less? This has connotations of a time gone by. Not quite the same I admit, I do not think we will see Angela Merkel riding triumphantly into Athens any time soon. Not physically anyway.


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