Has Kezia Dugdale been pushed into supporting Independence?

So, did Jeremy Corbyn merely partake in an embarrassingly badly attended 5-day tour to remind everyone of his lack of support in Scotland? Or did he have plans to wish Kezia Dugdale well in whatever she chose to do next?

For me, it was the later. I don’t think she so much ‘passed the baton’ as had her arse kicked straight out of the branch door. Despite Gerry Hassan bizarrely reporting Corbyn ‘raked in the crowds’ and defending the uber Unionist Corbyn in only targeting SNP seats, his trip seemed lacklustre and forgettable. That was of course until the breaking news that Kezia Dugdale had resigned.

I’ve been told I’m passing the baton on.

The truth is, the writing was on the wall for Kezia when she backed a loser in Owen Smith. As the ScotGov triumph the Queensferry Crossing officially opens, it seems it was a bridge too far for Dugdale to build bridges with the Corbynite half of the Labour party. Sadly, she will be remembered for very little, as she heads through the revolving door of the branch office. She worked hard under difficult circumstances, inheriting a dying party from the Eggman but largely failed to revive the branches fortunes, offering no new vision.

Corbyn meanwhile was spouting the usual faux socialist canards on his 3 men and a dug tour and channelled Keir Hardie at every opportunity while of course in reality his BritNat party voted Tory austerity through Westminster under his instruction.

Be wary and be warned Scotland, this is what we will now get more than ever, most likely under the branch leadership of Neil Findlay who has been planning this very moment for some time, arguably since he last stood for the post. We will be spammed with accusations of betraying international socialism by seeking independence despite the fact that’s why most of us want it. We will be told to ignore fact and history and that the only way to get rid of the Tories is by doing the same thing we have repeatedly done and has failed for decades.  As far as I remember Dugdale and Findlay share an office so it may be a tad tense at the water fountain tomorrow (but you know, it wasn’t a Corbyn coup etc). Kezia will certainly be aware if Neil has stabbed her in the back.

Kezia Dugdale has one last chance to make a difference and be remembered for a positive and visionary stance. Take inspiration from your Dad and partner and be brave enough to support independence and help Scotland and Scots truly be all they can be.

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