Fellow politically educated Scots

Tell all shackled unionist bots

They can join us on this journey still

Of a restless nations unsettled will

Strive for the prize of a better nation

Wealth and prosperity for future generations

Party political broadcast by the SNP

Feel the wind of change blowing over me

In a quest for equitable society

Not to be, or to be free

Independence is normal!

Wha’s like us? Wha would want to be?

To be treated like a political detainee

Bitter frothing xenophobes, falsely portrayed

Targets of an injudicious Britnat tirade

Multi-cultural, forward thinking, tolerant and ancient

Misgoverned by pro-self anti-Scot Westminster agents

Our story: ‘servant to the master’ needs a sequel

One called:  ‘Never better, but always equal’

Independence is normal!

Sure, we re a’ Jock Tamson’s bairns

And I am always one for sharin’

But in a union with our elitist brothers

It seems that some are more equal than others

Independence is normal!

Don’t toe the lines just read between

Don’t fall victim of the media machine

Auntie Beebs message still perseveres

Allowed hailer for Project Fear

They shut down Scottish democracy

Pretorian guard of a corrupt plutocracy

Brass of neck to demand a license fee

It’s time to embrace impartiality

Independence is normal!

Labour were beyond reproach, but now beyond repair

United with the Tories, as one, in Project Fear

Red tory Murphy’s law

All will go wrong in the devils claw

Puppet Branch leader, at odds with facts

Party line feeder, papering the cracks

All for one and that’s himself

One for all his personal wealth

Independence is normal!

To erase the red tories would provoke much mirth

But it’s a battle as fierce as the Pentland Firth

Next epoch in the political awakening of a nation

When a furious electorate headed for the polling station

Now, this asymmetry of union is what pressed me

To cast my vote for the SNP

They represent the needs of people here

Whose need for change is crystal clear

Demand better than this raw deal

Autonomy required for the Common weal

Independence is normal!

Because when Independent of mind, you’ll see

That independence minded, you’ll be

‘Better together’, I agree!

But as an equal partner in the EC

Independence is normal!

To predict the future, just create it

Society is what you make it

In the age of indie nation, prosperity is choice

On May 7th, we chose SNP now let the 56 be your voice

Independence is normal!

One day soon we’ll make it formal!

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