Brexit Max – the shafting

Things we know from the Tory conference. Forget about the single market, migration controls will be severe, the economic consequences will be devastating and you should prepare to suffer.

Theresa May and Ruth Davidson have less integrity than a floppy disk on top of a magnet. Ruth clearly takes her orders from London. They both vociferously supported remain, although you may have noticed they are now putting forward the polar opposite arguments.

Now and for the next 2 years, we will be sold the snake oil of hard brexit as the best thing since the Earl of Sandwich done something new with some sliced bread. May stated at this weeks Tory conference there is only Brexit, not soft, not hard, only Brexit. This of course is a lie. If Brexit meant only one thing, there would be no negotiation to do at all.

This little video edit sums up the sheer hypocrisy of the right-wing double act.

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Ok so let’s see what the duplicitous May is telling her little Englander faithful at conference when it comes to Scotland:

“…we will negotiate as one united kingdom and we will leave as one united kingdom, there is no opt out from Brexit and I will never allow divisive nationalists to undermine the precious union between our 4 nations of our united kingdom.”

There you have it folks, no facts, no explanation, no offer, no consideration and none of the promised involvement for the Scottish government. But wait! Just look what the self same visionary May said back when she firmly believed remain was the only way and what she predicted the consequences of a leave vote would be…

But if Brexit isn’t fatal to the European Union, we might find that it is fatal to the union with Scotland. The SNP have already said that in the event that Britain votes to leave but Scotland votes to remain in the EU, they will press for another Scottish independence referendum. And the opinion polls show consistently that the Scottish people are more likely to be in favour of EU membership than the people of England and Wales.

If the people of Scotland are forced to choose between the United Kingdom and the European Union we do not know what the result would be. But only a little more than 18 months after the referendum that kept the United Kingdom together, I do not want to see the country I love at risk of dismemberment once more. I do not want the people of Scotland to think that English Eurosceptics put their dislike of Brussels ahead of our bond with Edinburgh and Glasgow. I do not want the European Union to cause the destruction of an older and much more precious union, the union between England and Scotland.

Theresa May is no idiot. She knows fully Scotland has never been closer to regaining independence and the financial and regressive consequences of Brexit will push the case over the winning line. Make no mistake; the UK is heading for economic carnage.

Look at what happened yesterday alone when an end date was announced for article 50 enactment. Sterling has fallen to a three-year low against the euro after Theresa May merely outlined the timetable for starting Brexit negotiations.

The new grim reaper of the exchequer says he is “ready to boost spending and axe plans to balance the books by 2020 to help guard against Brexit turbulence”. If you do not realise this means austerity-max then you are really not listening. He went on to explain ‘fiscal discipline’ is still central to the Conservative project and we should know by now who will be the victims of that. It is worth remembering also they are inept when it comes to managing the countries fiscal policy. 6 years of Tory rule has seen the national debt rise by 595 billion.

The Tories gambled with the UKs place in the European Union by pandering to little Englander UKIP voters who don’t like people who are not like them.

Brexit fundamentalism- romanticised rebuilding of the Empire is sold, but what is received is an isolationist increasingly right-wing UK that almost certainly will be under Tory rule for the foreseeable future. Couple that with having to negotiate 100+ trade deals including a highly problematic one with the EU. The UKs future looks bleak indeed and the financial markets are showing a steady trend in this direction.We are being sold a pig in a poke

It will be time soon to choose your union. I urge you not to choose the one being mis-sold by London Lakey Ruth Davidson, the same Ruth who just made the deprecating comment about the Scots she represents being vandals and thieves.

I urge former no voters to undertake their own research but try and do it outwith unionist channels. There were valid reasons in 2014 to vote no that have so drastically changed the case for Scotland remaining in the UK is in tatters.

An independent Scotland will be welcomed to the union of equals in Europe. Only there, will we prosper and avoid the decades of decline the rUK has voted for. Let’s forge this opportunity together.






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