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When you look at the array of new media projects that emerged from the referendum era you will notice that IndependenceLive.net are one of the only ones if not the only one that still remains. Not only that but we are stronger than ever. One of the key reasons is that we are not heavily dependent on money. Our crowdfunds are every 4 months and for relatively low amounts.

The day after the referendum many of us agreed to stop paying the TV licence. We agreed that the £147.50 should be used instead to support the efforts of new Scottish alternative media. Sometimes though we just need to remind ourselves of how we all felt when we realised that everything we did to win independence was undone by the TV and papers.

We run what could be described as an anarchist collective structure where each operator is autonomous and looks after all their own gear and takes responsibility for themselves. We have looked at other more centralised structures but they come with fundamental issues that we have chosen to avoid. One of our advisers is an economic adviser to various governments including the Scottish Government and we are happy with the system. It works and we enjoy the flexibility.

Crowdfunds are great because no one is obliged to give. They give because we have proven our ability to make that money produce invaluable material that is an invaluable resource for the nation. All our work is now archived with the National Library of Scotland. We are literally making Scottish history.

Just remember that by crowdfunding we are only answerable to the good people of the independence movement who have chosen to support us and not to any commercial or corporate interest.

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Please help with what you can but more importantly, show your support. Share our advert and Crowdfund link. Go through our archives and share stuff that others will get something from and help to keep us live.

Remember, the revolution will not be televised, it will be livestreamed.

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