Last night I dreamed that we had lost
And in my dream I saw the cost
The saltire limp no more to fly
As once it did in days gone by


The white rose drooped, it hung its head
To mourn a dream that is now dead
These symbols of our nation state
Not needed now for it’s too late


We did not choose the better way
The die’s been cast, so now we pay
My dream continued, how I cried
For all those hopes that now had died


But faces etched with anger grew
For soon it dawned they’d been lied to
The promises were just a sham
There was no bread far less some jam


They saw too late they’d bought a pup
What happened next? Well I woke up
To find the white rose blooming still
The saltire flies on yonder hill


My heart still beats with love and hope
Good sense we’ll see among our folk


I stumbled upon this great little poem on a comment to a post here:  https://weegingerdug.wordpress.com/2016/05/04/vote-scottish/ posted by ‘Margaret’. Please get in touch and I’ll credit your full name. Since I stole the poem, I thought I would ‘borrow’ the stunning Stewart Bremner image to match. I’m going to get into trouble soon 🙂

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