Lib Dem knock-out in Highlands confirmed by pollsters

TAKEOVER: Nationalists are expected to win over 50 seats in Westminster
TAKEOVER: Nationalists are expected to win over 50 seats in Westminster

FIGURES JUST RELEASED by election prediction specialists Electoral Calculus have made clear that it is highly likely that ALL THREE Highland Lib Dem seats in Westminster are to be swallowed by the SNP in May.

Results make it clear that Danny Alexander (Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch & Strathspey), Charles Kennedy (Ross, Skye and Lochaber) and John Thurso (Caithness, Sutherland & Easter Ross) will be forced to give up their seats.

The Nats are said to have a 93.6% chance of winning in Thurso’s constituency, 93.9% in Alexander’s and over a 75% chance in Kennedy’s.

Abysmal voting  rates are a key factor in a loss of faith in the Lib Dems. Charles Kennedy’s lack of voting has resulted in constituents taking to social media and asking the question “Where are you Charles?” and using hashtags such as “#WheresCharlie”. Danny Alexander has been slammed for forgetting the name of his party’s candidate in the Gordon constituency – a major battle ground for the Lib Dems against Alex Salmond.

The news will be most welcome to SNP candidates Drew Hendry, Paul Monaghan and Ian Blackford who have been selected by Highland members in a recent ballot.

The results expect the SNP to win 50 seats in total.


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2 thoughts on “Lib Dem knock-out in Highlands confirmed by pollsters

  1. These are 3 sad troughers who will not be missed by any of this electorate in the Highlands and Islands. They have relied on the “feudal” vote of those who are now too embarrassed to vote Tory in Scotland but, unfortunately for them, that demographic is less likely to turn up at the polling station, come the day.
    Postal votes from pensioners, 2nd homeowners, farmers and other landowners keep them in their seats, taking taxpayers’ money for doing absolutely nothing at all for their constituents or their country.
    Fortunately John Thurso has been allowed to hang on to his seat in the House of Lords, so we won’t be seeing HIM down the local foodbank anytime soon.

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