Lib Dems remain deeply submersed on North Trident opinion

ALMOST FIFTY PER CENT of Scottish voters are in favour of scrapping the UK’s nuclear weapons according to a recent poll by the Glasgow Herald.

And in North constituency, Caithness Sutherland and Easter Ross, a recent telephone survey conducted exclusively for Independence Live expressed the opinion that nearly sixty-five per cent of constituents want rid of the 150 metre metal monstrosities.

Westminster candidates in the area have recently been subject to chronic questioning by constituents on their views surrounding Trident, largely through the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament’s candidate lobbying tool.

So far, the SNP’s Dr Paul Monaghan is the only candidate to have informed voters that if elected will act on their wishes and vow to get Trident scrapped. It is his belief that “scrapping Trident would make Scotland a safer country” and that it would save every man, women and child in the country £1,700 annually.

SNP Westminster hopeful, Dr Paul Monaghan, wants Trident subs "scrapped".
Dr Paul Monaghan is the only North candidate who wants Trident subs scrapped

Young Scottish Labour hopeful, John Erskine, opposes the view of thousands of Scots and his constituents by stating that his Party are “committed to a minimum, credible independent nuclear deterrent, delivered through a Continuous At-Sea Deterrent.”

Incumbent Liberal Democrat MP John Thurso has responded to questioning by saying that taking a “step down the nuclear ladder is the right thing to do” but remains submersed on the opinion held by many that Trident should be scrapped outright.

We currently await response from the Scottish Conservatives as to their view on what is clearly a heartfelt issue for many. A Tory candidate has not yet been selected to contest the vote in the North.



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