North East sees launch of new pro Scottish Independence umbrella organisation, the Aberdeen Independence Movement (AIM). The group aims to bring together groups such as Common Weal, Business for Scotland, Women for Independence, EU Citizens for an Independent Scotland, Radical Independence Campaign, Independence Live, and more to host informative and educational events on the benefits that Scottish independence could bring.

The Aberdeen Independence Movement had their inaugural meeting on Wednesday 24th January 2018 where they elected an Executive Committee to take the organisation forward for the year ahead.

The organisation launched on social media on Friday 26th January and gained more than 600 followers on Twitter and hundreds of retweets within the first 24 hours of joining the popular social media site.

In a joint statement, Co-Convenors Guy Ingerson and Danny Forbes commented;

“This is an exciting opportunity to reach beyond tribal allegiances and engage in discussions relating to the big national questions. We aim to discuss personal, community and national independence.

With this in mind, we will be looking at areas like social security, local democracy and Scotland’s place in Europe. Together we can aim for better, aim for more and aim for a choice on Scotland’s future”.

Upcoming events:

Although just having formed on Wednesday, AIM already have a number of notable events coming up.

February 4th, 1pm at Inn at the Park – Launch Event & Campaign Workshop
Special Guests: Cllr Stephen Flynn, Doug Daniel, (more TBC).

February 25th, 1pm at Inn at the Park – An Audience with Audrey Birt
Special Guests: Audrey Birt.

March 4th, 1pm at the Inn at the Park – Learn to Livestream Workshop
Hosted by: Independence Live and Aberdeen Independence Movement.

March 11th, 1pm at the Inn at the Park – Currency & Economics Workshop
Special Guests: Dr. Craig Dalzell (Head of Research at the Common Weal).

April 8th, 1pm at the Copthorne Hotel – Scottish Independence North East Regional Conference
Special Guests: Pete Wishart, Jonathon Shafi, (more TBC).

AIM Executive Committee:

Co Convenor – Guy Ingerson (Co Convenor of Aberdeen Greens)

Co Convenor – Danny Forbes (Local Political Activist)

Secretary & Equalities Officer – Fiona Robertson (Disabilities Activist)

Membership Secretary – Helen Beedie (Local Political Activist)

Media Convenor – Josh Mennie (Elected Member of the SNP’s National Executive Committee)

Media Officer – Theo Forbes (Events and Fundraising Officer for Young Scots for Independence)

Media Officer – Bissie Anderson (from EU Citizens for an Independent Scotland, and Women for Independence)

Woman’s Officer – Katie Vincent (from Women for Independence)

Social Media:

Twitter –

Facebook –

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  1. The Centre for Scottish Constitutional Studies have over a period of some 4.5 years developed a Guide to a Provisional Constitution. Our local Aberdeenshire representative will be available to provide a 55 minute presentation on the key issues contained within the Guide.
    When Scotland achieves its Independence it will require its own Constitution to authorise all government powers and authorities. Sensibly, preparation in the form of a nation wide debate will be necessary prior to becoming self-governing.
    The current system of parliamentary sovereignty does not conform the the 600 year long Scottish principle that the people are the supreme sovereign power and thus the Guide the centre has produced is set out in a codified written Constitution based on constitutional sovereignty where the people are the sovereign power. A form of democratic governance that is the norm across European and Scandinavian states

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