Of Scotland’s Second Enlightenment

By Craig Sheridan


The light is not dying just timidly dimmed

Amassing the courage to forsake him

Upsurge of spirit forged from repression

Undaunted prosecution of valour’s redressing


The light is not dying its an attempt to betray folk

Can’t extinguish flame eternal with mirrors and smoke

Unmasking false wizard just watch the veil fall

Revealing the yellow road of destiny’s clarion call


The light is not dying its candles increase

Coercing the darkness embracing it to decease

Awareness’s heights, inextricably linked

To an equitable community for all mankind


The light is not dying its sparking the flame

Prophetic Apollo’s rays revealing the inevitable end game

Of International citizens on a quest so benevolent

An Illuminating expedition of a second Enlightenment


The light is not dying, indeed it cannot

Nowhere left to hide for freedoms lot

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