Oh what a tangled web we weave…

Scotland, the tolerant nation, now becoming increasingly intolerant; well of lying scheming politicians, in this case Alistair Carmichael, the ex Scottish Secretary who now takes full responsibility for the memo leak. You all remember that memo, the one where Nicola and the French ambassador Sylvie Bermann were supposed to have some conversation where Nicola said she wanted David Cameron to remain in power, yeah, that memo.

Well now it would seem Carmichael whom having had some sort of memory lapse, remember when he said he knew nothing about it, yes, me to. Well now, it seems he was the one who authorised it, fancy that, the Lib Dem, or should that be the Fib, Dems have said Carmichael will face no internal disciplinary proceedings. That is as maybe but what Carmichael will have to face is the wrath of his constituents.

That is, if he bothers to turn up to see them.

I for one believe this man has lost his integrity and the trust of the people of Scotland, whom, having heard the news took to twitter to vent their anger and disgust, with the #carmichaelmustgo trending at number one on twitter. Amongst the tweets, there was a sense of fury at 1.4 million being spent on an inquiry into the leaked memo, which could have been avoided.

Time for politicians to realise that it is not business as usual, last years referendum opened the eyes of many, eyes that are now fully scrutinising every single move a politician makes.

Scotland is a tolerant nation, until someone does something to “wan of oor ain” Nicola, for now, is one of our own, an attack on her, is an attack on us all. Put the people first and we will have your back, do us wrong and you will feel our wrath.

Carmichael in my opinion must resign and sooner rather than later.


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  1. Carmichael is only doing what every London based or if you like, Unionist politician has done since the day of this fake Unions Christendom. Namely lie through their backteeth to the Scottish electorate. Another fine exponent of this art was John Robertson the former Labour MP for Glasgow North West who was also found out to be a stone-faced liar then brilliantly outed at the Drumchapel Election Hustings. The fact that this was livestreamed then a video posted on Youtube for all to see might have helped in his demise at the General Election. Robertson was for 15 years unchallenged as the MP of Glasgow North West even though about 90% of the constituents when asked by our canvassers couldn’t tell you who the MP was prior to the election.

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