The Stream Will Never Die – episode 7

Episode 7 of our podcast “The Stream Will Never Die” is now available. You can listen to the podcast in a number of ways:

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In this week’s episode, Gerry and Gavin introduce clips from a Jim Sillars lecture on the Middle East and an SSP event launching Richie Venton’s book: Break the Chains (of poverty pay, casual labour and exploitation). They also cast a retrospective glance at livestreams from February (Neil Hay) and May (Mhairi Black) this year.

“I don’t have a radical or revolutionary edge to me that people can dredge up” -Neil Hay
“providing in one place: facts for fighters, arguments for activists and solutions for socialists” -Richie Venton
Thatcher “and I got on all right personally” -Jim Sillars
“people are not interested in aesthetic things like age or gender…what they’re interested in is the quality of the argument” -Mhairi Black

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