Episode 9 of our podcast “The Stream Will Never Die” is now available. You can listen to the podcast in a number of ways:

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In this week’s episode, Gavin and Gerry introduce seven clips from the first livestreams of 2016: Nicholas Wilson on the HSBC fraud he uncovered 10 years ago; analysis from Catalonia with Alistair Spearing, Miquel Strubell, Simon Harris and David McDonald; Jenny Hill on the Songs of Separation album: a collaboration from women folk music artists; catchup with the Indy Camp at Holyrood; the Ivan McKee adoption night at SNP Glasgow Provan including Tommy Sheppard, Elaine C. Smith and Humza Yousaf. Click on the screen grabs below to view the each livestream in full.

Nicholas Wilson
Mr Ethical, Nicholas Wilson, explains how he has spent the last 10 years exposing a huge fraud perpetrated by HSBC
Alistair Spearing
Alistair Spearing in conversation with Mark McNaught about Catalonia
Miquel Strubell
Miquel Strubell of Catalonia’s ANC speaks with Erik Sandberg from Kiltr about Catalonia
Simon Harris and David McDonald
Simon Harris and David McDonald in conversation about what Scotland and Catalonia can learn from each other
Jenny Hill - songs of separation
Jenny Hill in conversation with Gavin Taylor about the folk music album collaboration: Songs of Separation
Indy Camp at Holyrood
Independence Live visit the Indy Camp at Holyrood to catch up on legal developments to say on site
Tommy Sheppard, Ivan McKee, Elaine C Smith
SNP Glasgow Provan adopt Ivan McKee as their candidate for MSP with Tommy Sheppard, Elaine C. Smith and Humza Yousaf

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