In line with the absolute obsession of Spanish society to arrest, jail and silence anyone who even murmurs a hint that the place is a shit hole and that the reason for that is that the blind obedience to authorities who have stolen the wealth of the people and the futures of their children has allowed all of this to go quite unchecked; a Spanish comedian by the name of Joaquin Reyes was lifted by the Policia when some grassing gilipolla got on the blower thinking that the Catalan Premier was on the sneak at a local amusement park.

Six bams in uniform were on the scene within minutes of their lunch break carrying net guns and tranquilisers only to realise that the La Sexta TV comedian was just having a carry on and filming for ‘Los Zanguangos’ which will air this coming Monday.

Mr Reyes had no comment to make but it is assumed that he thinks that everyone involved is a complete eidjit. Spain remains a legacy fascist state continuing and an affront to modern democratic values of free speech and expression.


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