Scottish Surf Team International Adventures

On the 15th of February 2015, the Scottish Surf Team – who had declared independence only one year prior – were welcomed into the International Surfing Association family of nations along with our Finnish brothers and sisters. Securing this status has been a remarkable achievement involving a massive amount of hard work and has not only allowed the team to compete under the Saltire and stand for the national anthem but they have also secured the status of the national team for our future generations.

The team are confident of a strong performance at the ISA World Games in Nicaragua where they compete this summer. We caught up with Team Captain and Scottish Surfing Federation Secretary Mark Boyd who gave us the latest on team developments and info on how we can all give our fullest support to our brand new independent Scottish Surf Team. The World games take place between the 31st of May and the 7th of June with the opening ceremony taking place on Wednesday the 29th of May when the team will don their kilts to the delight of all in the crowd we’re sure. Staunch of Edinburgh have once again provided the official uniform which includes a very smart polo neck.

We believe as that it is incumbent upon all of us as aspirational, independently minded Scots to support and sustain our surf team who will be looking at costs in and around £16,000 Scottish pounds to represent the best of Scottish and the crowdfunder link gives you yet more information about the adventure as well as the opportunity to purchase proper officially branded products.

The team is as follows:
Mark Boyd Captain – (Thurso)
Shoana Blackadder – (Thurso)
Megan McKay – (MacDuff)
Scotty Main – (Thurso)
Ali Matheson – (Carrbridge)
Allyn Harper – (Sandend)

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