Spanish Fascinated by Scotland

As a Scot who lives and works in Spain I can tell you that the eyes of the world are on Scotland. It is something that I am asked about frequently and as I can provide a meaningful and realistic insight into the matter I find that the fascination escalates. The picture presented to the world usually comes via London and is mainly unrecognisable to a Scottish person. There are many parallels with Catalunya including the right wing media who wage a propaganda war of mind control and a suppression of the fact that Catalunya concedes around 9% of its economy to the Spanish state. They too recognise their position as a member of a union but are perfectly aware that they are not Castellanos. Catalans are very often spoken of as ‘they’ and common statements are that ‘they want their own language…’. Actually, they have their own language. Actually, they are not Castellanos. The centralist mindset of a lot of Spain is to treat the component parts of the nation state as owned by Madrid and this is what we are facing with London. Scotland is de facto not owned by the UK. Scotland is only involved by voluntary agreement of the Act of Union 1707 and that act can be repealed by the sovereign will of the people at any time. Catalunya has a problem in that the constitution of 1978 forbids the central government from permitting a component nation from leaving the nation state and is permitted to send in the military in order to secure this end. Scotland fascinates for various reasons but none more so than the manner in which we have used sound and rational debate to mobilise a long standing and peaceful movement and use the correct political channels in order to allow a fully democratic process to take place.

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  1. This is a subject being discussed in the LetsGoNorth meets LetsGoSouth project. I am currently in Spain promoting the north of Scotland – the subject arises on a regular basis.

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