Spanish PM Chased by Angry Shoppers

The Spanish president Mariano Rajoy and the PP candidate in Sunday’s election in Catalunya, Xavier García Albiol, suddenly had to cancel a Tuesday evening walk through the center of Reus as dozens of people rose up in protest at their presence with cries for independence in scenes reminiscent of Sean Clerkin’s now infamous confrontation with Iain Gray during the 2011 Scottish Parliamentary elections. Despite the best efforts of their security team to prevent the demonstrators approaches, the protest was so intense that Rajoy and Albiol were only able to get about a hundred yards up the pedestrianised shopping precinct before having to return to the car. A nearby Subway sandwich shop was passed over as a place of refuge.

All reports so far are that the demonstration was largely spontaneous with shoppers taking their chance to get their dig in only when they realised what was happening.

The Catalan elections this Sunday are set to return a majority of pro-independence parties and get the ball rolling on the independence process. are committed to bringing you all the live action from the streets of Barcelona this weekend. Coverage NOT available on mainstream media.

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