Spanish Reject Austerity as Podemos Take Center Stage

The PP candidate for mayor of Madrid has thrown down the gauntlet, and moved to negotiate a pact with the center left parties in order prevent Manuela Carmena of Podemos becoming mayoress.

The PP candidate for the Madrid City Council, Esparanza Aguirre, spoke today (Tuesday) at a press conference to discuss the election results of Sunday 24th May making the announcement, “I invite PSOE and Cuidadanos to engage in an open and clear dialogue with us”.

The PP are calling for a pact between PSOE, PP and Cuidadanos to prevent the take over of City Hall by the far left.

She also opined that “The PP and the PSOE cannot be considered enemies or adversaries as in this instance there is a force [Podemos] which is out to destroy the Spanish Constitution”.

Aguirre described the Podemos agenda as wanting to use the Mayorship of the capital as “…a springboard to break the Western democratic system as we know it”.

She also added that, “The rise of Podemos is due to our mistakes however, we think the people should not be punished by having a municipality governed by a group that didn’t actually win the elections”.

We are told, “Mr Rajoy is concerned, as we all are”.

Adding, “We have analysed the results and we have lost 193,000 voters, that is 25%. These are bad results and there is no getting away from that. They will serve as an incentive to undertake a root and branch reform whilst we reoccupy the political positions we were in before.”

So, there we have it. The mentality of the establishment laid bare. But the bare facts are that across the nation state of Spain the PP and PSOE were punished, humiliated and shunned in favour of the emerging progressive left. The Spanish political landscape has certainly changed as the electorate rejected the ideology of austerity promoted by the PP and PSOE, who are as much left and right as the Tories and New Labour are in UK politics. What is telling though, is that the people are recognising that it is not the parties or their policies that will be the make or break but the structure itself that must be redrawn for the 21st century.

It is clear now that Podemos and its leader Pablo Iglesias will play a key role in how the coalition talks will play out across the autonomous regions.

Iglesias stated, “Now we are obliged to work with the momentum given to us to follow through with our programme to transform this country”.

A week is certainly a long time in politics and there is more to come for sure. Stay tuned.

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