The dark ages of perfidious unionism must end. It’s time to embrace that visceral feeling inside that tells you: independence is normal. This Insidious union of Scots and English parliaments is a symbiosis, which has proven to be parasitical as opposed to mutually beneficial.

Times are changing and the awakening continues apace.  It’s time for that redefinition of a nation.

What is required to get there, is a didactic approach, where information gathering is conducted by expert’s cognoscente in their respective fields, as well as listening to what people need and want, then use this to concatenate a full picture built and disseminated through grass roots movements designed to disabuse and inform.  Make the esoteric the exoteric and bring the issues that matter into the everyday consciousness of people’s lives.  Common Weal is an organisation making great strides on this front to create local empowerment and I hope the Scottish Government increasingly implement some of their ideas within their control.

Where are the other viable options for a prosperous Scotland? Labour, seem to go between telling an old canard such as ‘a vote for SNP is a vote for Tories’, or equivocating on their position on serious issues like Trident, austerity or foreign policy. Their Scottish branch is an incorporeal fallacy and impervious to reform.  As for the Tories, well ‘Never has so much, been stolen from so many, by so few’ to misquote Churchill and that about sums them up.

The direction of travel required for the betterment of the nation seems obvious, but why is it not quite happening?  I suggest that we are a nation suffering from the dual effects of Stockholm Syndrome and lies.patty

In 1974, the Californian newspaper heiress, Patty Hearst was kidnapped by revolutionary militants and developed sympathy with her captors.  She subsequently joined them in a robbery, for which she went to jail, despite the brainwashing she suffered.  The dramatic story brought the term ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ into the public psyche.

The term originated the year before following a bank robbery in Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm. Over a period of 6 days, fearful bank employees were held in a vault and became emotionally attached to their captors, to the extent they even defended them after being freed.

Scotland is held in Imperial bondage, yet we are serial apologists on behalf of our oppressors refusing to acknowledge the servitude we suffer and instead identify with the aggressor.  The cure for Stockholm syndrome, because that is what it is, will only come when the victim realizes they are a sufferer and existing in a state of ambivalence.


We, the Scottish citizenry have the power to redefine ourselves and redistribute wealth and power, yet instead we have an irrational, cherophobic fear that the pursuit of happiness and success is somehow wrong.  This is amazing, but there is an explanation.

Scotland has experienced centuries of oppression, from the ethnic cleansing of the Highland Clearances to the recent political lies about the wealth and capabilities of our nation.  Over time, we have suffered a distinct psychological shift as a people, a second-class captive nation, under continuous threat from our Imperial neighbours, but offered occasional kindness by this abusive faux partner. We then blame ourselves, exonerating the culprit and seem to be confused about what is acceptable behaviour by remaining in complete denial of the harsh reality, which we refuse to face.

The worst and most easily led of the Scottish captives (The Unionists) tend to empathise with and think very highly of their captors. When subjected to prolonged oppression and ground down by the relentlessly pervasive messaging via Project Fear, these captives develop a strong, almost sexual, bond with their captors, as they morph into the type of domineered gimp required by the oppressor. It stems from a childlike gratitude that existence itself is only possible thanks to the generosity of the oppressor. We therefore absolve the British system of blame, while converting our fears, apprehensions and the social and economic reality around us, into acceptance of something fundamentally being wrong with Scots, and worse, we then show gratitude towards London for the whole shebang.

hungryAn incredibly biased media, firmly on the side of the Union aggressors, exacerbates the effect of being a captive nation.  There’s nothing subliminal about the propaganda used by the British agenda fuelled media.  They are not hiding messages like ‘Hungry? Eat popcorn.’ Or flashing messages on our screens encouraging us to ‘Drink Coca-Cola.’  No, they are much less subtle than that.

Why target the propaganda below the threshold of conscious perception, when you can instill your spurious messaging directly in your news stories, hiding in plain site as it were, in the most anodyne fashion.  Relentlessly hammering us with persistent instruction, like the Velvet Underground trying to hold a chord for three hours, until you accept it, and it’s fully inculcated, so becomes a putative reality.

In the same way that a star forges the elements necessary for life then explodes into a supernova of nuclear fusion, I feel like Scotland is about to enter a kind of cosmic dawn, a second age of enlightenment, a dynamic birth, the beginning of a new existence, a recycling of the system.  I do not have a scintilla of doubt about this, and I am positively brimming with alacrity at the very thought.

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