NYR IndyApp 1.1 is now out!

Jason Baird: #ScotRef is around the corner and we’re taking the IndyApp to the next level IndyApp 1.1 from Edward M Smith on Vimeo. We are a non party-political communications platform designed for the use of Scotland’s entire grass-root independence movement. A platform where ideas, equipment, campaign strategies and social events can all be easily […]

Build: Scottish Independence Convention 2017 – highlights and talks from the event that kicked off new campaign for Scottish Independence

The following are key speeches, along with a few highlights, from the sold out, Scottish Independence Convention 2017, that took place in Glasgow, Scotland, in January 2017, and kicked off a new campaign for Scottish Independence.   A team of six IndependenceLive.net volunteers live streamed and filmed this important event. Much of the video material […]