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Hello, I’m the main coordinator of and one of three people that currently produce most of our livestreams. Two of those three mainly do the livestreams in Edinburgh and myself mainly Glasgow. The reason that I can do as much as I do is because of the generosity of people who have donated in previous crowdfunders allowing myself to work full-time, the only person in Indy Live that does.

In addition to the normal livestreams, we also do Skype livestreams with people from around the world and train people and groups on how to livestream. Also we have people who do blogs, promotion, graphics, programmers (including Indy Live Android App), designers. interviewers etc. Having a main coordinator is essential because it is a massive team effort. I reckon about 40 people are involved coming from all different kinds of backgrounds, with different political persuasions and they contribute when they can. Not forgetting our viewers, many of them who help out in which ever way they can and have become friends.

Everything we do is done for free (upto 400 livestreams so far) by those involved, with the main objective of bringing news and information to people that the main stream media will not or cannot cover and we cover all kinds of stuff with independence only one small part of that. George Monbiot the journalist said in a Skype livestream we did with him, that he works in a profoundly corrupt industry and wrote an article about how the media “shafted” Scotland during the referendum campaign. If you followed what the media was doing during the referendum you will I’m sure agree. However it is not only the lies that the main stream media told during indy ref that annoys, it is many other things that seem to get distorted through their views of the world. was founded by Derek McLean (8 badges Del) and myself around November 2013 to try and start something that would be an alternative to the unionist main stream media. During that time we also helped produce videos with our friends from Cherryman Media that included “Economic Facts” with Ivan McKee, which was the most viewed economics video during the referendum topping nearly 100,000 views. We also setup our own events including “Veterans for Independence” with the veterans involved in our event going on to form their own group now on Facebook “Veterans for Independence 2.0” – our aim with that event was to turn the tables on the establishment who try to wrap themselves in the armed forces and claim they all supported the Union which we knew was a complete lie but never challenged by their friends in the main stream media.

The day after the Indy ref results I decided to walk away from my business and try and do livestreaming full-time by crowdfunding and to build up as I felt it was so important. Our hope is to have people from all across Scotland producing livestreams either for us, themselves or for whichever group they may be part of.

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  1. Hi Kevin

    Just contributed a wee bit more. I recognise and value the work that you and your team do day in day out. I know that many others do too, here’s hoping we can get your fundraiser over the line.

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