Some RISE supporter called J Rimmer has decided to question why Stuart Campbell continues to be championed by the pro-independence movement. The simple answer is that he has earned this right through hard work and relentlessly holding the media to account through fact based analysis. There is no one better at this role, it is vitally important work and there is no doubt this and endeavours such as the Wee Blue and Black Books have won people to the side of independence.

When you then find yourself with the most popular political blog in the country by a street mile, of course you become an easy and obvious attack target for anyone with an agenda. Traditionally the perpetrators are the hate-filled zoomers of yoonland, usually anonymous, bigoted and abusive trolls. Of course the MSM choose to ignore the pervasive unionist abuse.

More recently, I have noticed an upsurge in RISE supporters having a go at the popularity of Wings, the popularity of the SNP and telling people this is somehow all wrong and this popularity should be spread to well, RISE. The politics of RISE is something I’m very comfortable with. It’s pretty much line with my own, socialism, an equitable society and so on.   Does this mean I think they deserve some support at the expense of the SNP? No, it doesn’t. RISE simply has not earned the right. Increasingly their attacks on the SNP and Wings for being popular and on their supporters for being brainwashed are grating indeed. The SNP journey to reach this point has been long and difficult but something I won’t go into here.

Rimmer is dimmer

Jonathan Rimmer is clearly someone who does not like dealing in fact and does not come close to the political acumen of those he attacks.  Just check out this twitter exchange with ScotGoesPop’s James Kelly. Jonathan makes some claims, they disagree, James eventually asks for the facts and Jonathan offers a lame excuse about being on the phone therefore the facts will not be provided.

Being a twatThe Jonathan Rimmer attack on Wings for his opinions on an emotive issue of several years ago and use of an expletive, is simply the latest in this chain.


I notice Jonathan had always been politely replied to from Wings in the past but suddenly decided to drag up the past a couple of days before an important election, I would presume in the full knowledge he would earn a block.

The RISE supporter then went crying to RISE supporting CommonSpace who were only to eager to publish his attack. This attack is not newsworthy. It says absolutely nothing that has not been said many times before, mainly by unionists and merely trumps out the same old boring negative attacks. It’s the equivalent of a drunken rant in a pub by someone spuing up whatever crap things they can say about someone else they don’t like. Nothing clever, nothing succinct, nothing new and more importantly nothing that will do the cause for independence the slightest bit of good. The agenda driven Jonathan instead is just calling for people to boycott the most popular pro-indie website in the country and calling him ‘odious’, and ‘immoral’ but ironically demands a respectful indie movement.

A footnote at the end of the article from CommonSpace editor Angela Haggerty claims a friendly and collaborative relationship with Wings but the opinion section is an open platform for anyone who wants to use it. Now, a reasonable definition of editor is ‘a person in overall charge of the editing and often the policy of a newspaper or periodical.’

CommonSpace is not simply an ‘open forum’. They have an opinion section that will be scrutinised and a decision made if a submitted piece comes within the scope of their editorial policy and agenda. Yes, they do like everyone else and like Jonathan, have an agenda. Angela said “we’ve been in touch with Wings to let him know this is going up on the site. “ and claims this is about helping people look inward and being accountable to readers.

I would suggest this is about a CommonSpace agenda to support RISE and a naive tactic that publishing drivel from one of their supporters against the popular indie movement will result in votes coming their way. They are wrong and a vote for RISE tomorrow will be a wasted vote, especially if Jonathan Rimmer is representative of their party.

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  1. Every word agreed with and glad there are those of us who notice and point this drivel out for what it is
    These parties must earn and learn the right to be heard and not stoop to Labour party tactics
    Nobody owes anybody votes in politics

  2. I believe that this opinion piece by Mr Sheridan will resonate with many SNP supporters, myself included. It is good to see RISE and CommonSpace too for that matter, being taken to task for attacking Wings over Scotland.

    I’m an “auld bastard” and every time I see or hear the likes of Cat Boyd or Jonathan Rimmer, visions of middle class, spotty faced students trying to flog the Socialist Worker come unbidden to mind. I would suggest that a sizeable amount of people from my generation (Jim Sillars excepted), take one look at RISE, remember Labour’s problem with Militant Tendency and decide that maybe the Union isn’t so bad after all.

    Going off at a slight tangent, the word “Ulsterisation” would appear to be cropping up in unionist social media with regular monotony these days. British Intelligence penetrated very nearly every paramilitary in Northern Ireland during The Troubles, and I must confess that I do at times wonder if the British Intelligence services play an active part in starting and nurturing groups like RISE.

  3. Just so everybody is aware. Independence Live is a pro-independent collective and we support all pro-indy parties. We have people from SSP, RISE, Solidarity, SNP, Greens and people who don’t support any particular party involved with us. Calm heads are required to help us push forward to independence and a fairer society free from Westminster rule which is a shared value between all our pro-indy parties and we should remember that. Good luck to all pro-indy parties.

    Peace and Love.

  4. Scanning through the social media this evening, I see that RISE and Green voters have been spoiling their constituency ballot papers rather than vote SNP. Not the brightest of things to do. I’d be curious to know if messrs Jonathan Rimmer and Ross Greer had any involvement in this truly moronic act. “Cutting your nose off to spite your face.” is the phrase that comes to mind.

    It looks like all these articles written by James Kelly and the Rev Stu explaining the D’Hondt were a wasted effort.

    Meanwhile from the unionist camp comes the sound of laughter…

    1. On reflection, no, I doubt if even Rimmer and Greer would be thick enough to advise spoiling constituency ballot papers.

  5. Spot on! I just hope Cat Boyd will maybe reconsider her association with this bunch of clowns and consider the SNP, where I’m sure she would be made very welcome.

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