The Scotland Bill

Taking a break from writing a few days ago.  I ventured onto twitter only to discover the Scotland Bill being debated and came to the conclusion going by the many, many tweets that once again Scotland is being shafted by the unionist politicians.

Have they learned nothing of how the people of Scotland are viewing their constant put downs, their constant contempt? All we want is what was promised to us.

 We want that bloody vow.

The Unionist politicians thought all they need do was say anything and do anything and the union would be saved. And it worked, for a while at least, well for about a day.

While they were celebrating, giving each other a pat on the back for a job well done those in the “yes” camp licked their wounds, got back on the battlefield and continued the journey. While the unionists were drawing up plans to screw Scotland over, the people were regrouping, drawing up plans for the forth coming election, joining the SNP in their droves and propelling to the left.

The people of Scotland are on a mission, and the unionist politicians still don’t get it.

The General Election was another setback as Labour failed to win England, I have my own thoughts on why that happened and it has something to do with Ed Milliband’s statement that he would rather see David Cameron in Downing Street than have to make deals with the Scottish National Party; that thought was just too much for him it would seem, shame on Labour for letting the working class down. I believe they are finished in Scotland and very soon will be finished in England also. Let’s face it there is already a right thinking party in power. I have joked in the past of Labour joining forces with the Tories, now that joke does not seem as amusing, now that the only real opposition to Conservative policy are the SNP. As more often than not Labour troop through the lobby to vote with their chums.

And so to next year’s Scottish Parliament elections, how people vote will determine the strength of feeling still. Will SNP put forward another referendum? Sturgeon did say it was up to the people, will Westminster go for it that being the case, definitely not. They still think they have power over the people.

Referendum or not, I believe given what the people of Scotland have had to put up with since 18th September last year, I think the union is dead, it was mortally wounded on the 18th, and by May the 8th it was dead.  Bury it for god’s sake.

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