Theresa May has ‘Balfoured’ us

Driving to work yesterday a strange feeling enveloped me as I tried to compute the fact that another country is telling us we cannot have a mandated democratic vote. There was no other way to put it, I felt like a prisoner. I was being held in the UK against my will. In Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel ‘Kidnapped’, the protagonist David Balfour was lured from his own path with all kind of false promises, subsequently cudgeled, bound and gagged then taken to a disagreeable and hugely problematic destination not of his choosing. All this treachery, instigated by a manipulative and greedy fabulist, claiming to have David’s best interests at heart. Sound familiar?

That was exactly how I felt. I had been Balfoured, we all had.

I was under the impression I lived in a democracy. I have always believed Scotland to be a country. I have always understood sovereignty to belong to the Scottish people. I have always understood we have the right of secession from the Union with England in the same way as we joined the partnership of ‘equals’. In fact I seem to recall the treaty of union contained words about the right to leave should the union work against the interests of any partner.

We don;t give a damn what you want.
You’re coming with us.

We are ready to have another referendum on becoming a normal country, as is our right. We the sovereign people have fully mandated an elected body in Holyrood to enact our wishes. Let’s be clear, the request is on behalf of us, the Scottish Government who do speak for us whether some disagree or not. This is how a democracy works. The Scottish Parliament voted for an independence referendum with the myopic yoon MSPs also falling right into a clever trap by trying to disenfranchise EU nationals and 16/17 year olds by voting against the Green amendment. This will haunt them and no one should underestimate the importance of that piece of political brilliance.

An insolent Theresa May in response to this democratic intention tells a nation, ‘now is not the time’. She harps that we ‘need to see what Brexit looks like’. Well Theresa, I don’t want to see what Brexit looks like. I voted remain along with 62% of the country, a figure I suspect would be significantly higher now as the Brexit shambles unfolds. I have absolutely no intention or interest in seeing a right-wing isolationist England’s Brexit from the inside. However, I am currently held hostage and waiting for ‘Alan Breck Stewart’ in the form of Nicola Sturgeon to save me from this predicament.

Let me make one thing crystal clear regarding Scottish independence as I go all shouty with some emboldened ascii characters… WE DO NOT NEED THEIR PERMISSION, it is not in their gift, we have the power. We are a country and as such have all the human rights of a normal country including those of self-determination. The same self-determination incidentally that May ironically refers to in the Article 50 letter that sped its way to Brussels on the Eurostar, a journey that will take significantly longer once free movement into the EU is curtailed.

  • SNP gov have played a blinder by having the vote in advance of Brexit and weakening the hand of May. They can’t use Scotland and Scottish industry and powers as a bargaining chip. A weakened hand indeed.
  • Not a single labour MP voted in favour of the opportunity to reject a far right tory hard Brexit future. They have a massive test to see if they will respect the will of the Scottish Parliament.
  • Remainers like to tell the rest of us to shut up and accept we lost. In actual fact it’s the leavers that are still waiting to find out what they have actually won and contemplate why they are celebrating.

So we are where we are, held against our will by a bullying dictatorship and forced in a direction contrary to our economic and social interests and our internationalist outlook. The bill for Scotland being dragged out of the EU against its wishes, without being allowed a say, will cost future generations billions. European Union, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has stated that Britain can expect a Brexit bill of around £50 BILLION. Excuse the uppercase emphasis again but that is eye watering and should be game changing for anyone thinking ‘taking control’ would result in massive savings. He also made clear that ‘the EU must deter other countries from following’ which is both an obvious and logical point known by many but ignored by others for some time. Nicola Sturgeon has indicated she will state the Scottish Parliament’s intentions following the Easter break. I fully expect this to involve the Council of Europe in Strasbourg to protect our human rights and democratic will. Don’t forget, Annie Wells, Conservative MSP said, “I accept the sovereignty of the Scottish people, but not of this parliament“.

There are a few points worth noting regarding our kidnapper who refers to us as an economic basket case yet is so keen to control our finances.

• UK Gov on Oil. Let’s be clear there has not just been a sudden 1 billion barrel discovery. The UK Gov have known exactly where this oil deposit was for a substantial time and not for the first time lied to us.

• Uk Gov on costing. Brexit is a leap in the dark, with UK Gov admission they have not even attempted to compute the cost.

• Uk Gov on democracy. In case I didn’t mention it we are not a Union of equals with shared values, we are a hostage, we have been kidnapped and currently held captive in duress. (“Nor will there be any negotiations in response to such a request”- David Mundell)

• Uk Gov in SP. Ruth Davidson is a zealot with no intention of representing the best interest of Scotland and will always take the UK perspective to the detriment of anything and anybody else. She even derides the Scottish accent and refers to Scots as vandals and thieves. When times are tough the contempt they have for us shines through. Her ‘sit down’ comment spat at the FM shows she is frustrated in the knowledge she will not stop independence.

• UK Gov on consensus. They promised to involve ScotGov at every step and wait for an agreed UK position yet in Parliament today Theresa May could not name a single concession made to the Scottish Government on Brexit plans.

So what now?

The future prosperity and well being of Scotland and her citizens is a choice between two starkly contrasting futures. England may have voted to burn 27 bridges and diminish ties with 440 million Europeans but Scotland did not. England has a different direction of travel, that’s fine they are within their rights but we will not be dragged with them. It is time to get angry but channel that anger and passion into constructive action. Leave the aggression and tyranny to Westminster. Punish the tyrannical union in the council elections. SP call another SP election Ruth would lose her seat and be a backdoor list MSP. #IndyRefNew is #IndyRefNew and the Democratic will of the Scottish Parliament elected by the sovereign Scottish people will have it’s day at it’s time of choosing. Donate to your favourite pro-indy party, donate to the pro-indy alternative media, campaign, reach out and persuade like you have never done before and we will become independent very soon.

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  1. Aye Craig, the democratic deficit within the UK is now in the full glare of the sun and no-one should be in any doubt that Teresa and her tory chums believe that Scotland is de facto a region of Greater England. They will not let us (or more correctly our assets) go without a fight.

    I sincerely hope we can overcome the media onslaught we will face over the next while. They will tell us we have no mandate. They will tell us that there is no desire in Scotland for a referendum. They will tell us we do not have the resources to be an independent country. They will tell us that the SNP do not represent Scotland. They will try and convince the electorate that Ruth Davidson and David Mundell speak for the *real* government. And that is before they bring the british establishment intelligence services into play.

    We supporters of independence must keep cool heads in the coming fight, and make no mistake it will be a fight. This is now about the british perception of westminster sovereignty over Scotland and they have no choice but to fight to the bitter end to keep hold of our resources because without Scottish oil and whisky the british pound is in a very bad place at a very bad time, and they know it.

  2. I felt exactly the same after Article 50 was actioned & especially when the Anti Scottish PM rejected a second referendum even before officially receiving the request from the Scottish Government. Constitutionally Westminster have all the cards in their hands because of the corrupt devolution agreement so Nicola & the Scottish Government will have to be very bold and to an extent “rebellious” to get our legal right to a second referendum.

    UK Brexit negotiators have said they will leave the EU without a deal if they don’t get what they want so the same situation lies with Scotland ” if we do not get a second referendum then we in Scotland have the right to walk away from the UK”

  3. I have always ,as an adult supported Independence but reading this today have just realised how european I am . Wether independent or a union we will have to trade with neighbours. we will still trade with england but europe is the place to be with trade and to be with auld friends

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