Twitter don’t be a tool (of the union) #freewings

Twitter is suppressing the independence movement in Scotland in what looks like an embarrassing blunder. In a shocking move, it appears they suspended the popular @wingsscotland account merely based on a rant from a unionist ‘journalist’. At the time of writing it appears the account is live again, minus the vast majority of the Wings followers, which Twitter seem to have ‘lost’.

For the benefit of doubt, the ‘journalist’ of the Daily Express variety Siobhan McFadyen framed independence supporters as violent during the indyref campaign – WRONG and the Twitter account of WingsScotland commented that she is a disgrace –  CORRECT. As Twitter gave no explanation, this seems the likely cause of the issue.

Independence supporters have been fighting against the tide of unionist mass media bias for longer than I can remember. The explosive growth of social media platforms has proven valuable to independence campaigners who at last, found an even playing field for political debate and opinion.

In the early hours of this morning, that changed. A handful of powerful media moguls have been inculcating us with their thought control via TV and printed press, while social media platform were viewed as open and fair where usage is about keeping on the right side of the law and free speech is then encouraged.

typical yoon journo
typical yoon journo

In actual fact, the very first thing Twitter advise in their own guidance is ‘We believe that everyone should have the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.’ They would do well to reread their own rules.

Twitter go on to detail that abuse behaviour is not acceptable and elaborate in areas such as violent threats, harassment, hateful conduct and the use of private information. I made a point of reading all of the guidance while writing this I’m at a loss as to why Twitter would suspend such a well-followed long standing account.

The baseless accuser Siobhan McFadyen of the Express would do very well to read the guidance offered to journalists from the NUJ. This is a code of conduct, which in my opinion she is largely ignoring.

I hope Twitter will not be so quick to jump the gun the next time a unionist hack throws muck from their trough, especially one who attacks Scottish independence and Muslim migrants with more than half of their output.

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