Universal Basic income – Glasgow


The second night in a series of events aimed at exploring and discussing a universal basic income in Glasgow.

Hosted by Extra Second , the night will consist of speakers from different backgrounds and political ideologies as well as local activist groups and individuals.

Speakers include :

Jim Sillars from the SNP
Cat Boyd from Rise Party
Malcolm Henry
The Scottish Greens
Sarah Collins from Better than zero campaign and trade unions in scotland
Castlemilk Against Austerity
Dani Porter who is studying MSc in Gender Studies at Stirling Uni,
Davie Ballantine from

and a host of fantastic artists

Singer/Songwriter : Marli Kerr and Josephine Sillars!
Spoken Word artist’s : Bi Bi June, Shannon Macgregor, Anees Ahmad


The event is a chance to bring people together and discuss in great detail all the possibilities and the shortfalls of UBI. Together with talks and lectures from experienced speakers and performances from some of the most talented artists locally, allows for a relaxed and entertaining evening
Held at FIKA cafe in partick its easy to get to and a friendly welcoming atmosphere. Extra second is looking to get as many people from different backgrounds to come together under one roof and cross pollinate idea’s and criticisms


The first event saw a gathering of political parties ( Scottish labour, Greens, SNP ) and well known activists like Annie Miller and Ben Simmons , Jen Broadhurst and Sarah Glynn
come and discuss the idea to a fresh audience and the results were impressive. Everyone who attended the night felt they had learned something and been given valuable tools to get involved in the activism of UBI as well as enjoying their night and the open discussions

All live streamed Via Independence Live the event promises to be inclusive and challenging. The end result . other than extensive discussion and a variety of opinions, is hopefully to use the correct political avenue’s available and push for a trial in scotland. Whether you are for or against a UBI pushing for a trial may allow journalists and activists in scotland a closer look at how it would really work

Not going to beat around the bush, a radical policy like this has its flaws.
It would be dangerous to push for such a change without properly thinking it out, and perhaps dropping it completly in light of a more plausible alternative.

However, Universal basic income has proven to me to be far more complicated and thought out than it appears at face value and with the advent of new technologies and with the world stage the way it is just now, there may not be a better time to push for such a massive systemic change.


Join in the conversation, get involved

see you saturday

Johnny Cypher, Extra Second events.


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