Westminster, the real enemy

Seems to me that since the referendum Scotland’s pro-independence campaign have done what it always does after a defeat, starts fighting among itself. We have no voters coming to the yes movement on a daily basis. What must they think upon seeing all the infighting?

These past months have saw egos getting in the way of this movement, people too busy fighting each other to look up for a moment to see what was actually happening. As the yes movement disintegrated the unionist regrouped, those tory Blairites hiding behind the labour party have shown the true face of unionism. And now look where this infighting has gotten us?

Now is the time to stop all the fighting, the blame game is time wasting, not to mention exhausting, if we are to be independent then we have to put our differences aside. It’s like William Wallace, sat astride his horse the enemy charging towards him, a kick of his horse and off he goes on his own. Looking back what does he see? People all stood in groups, shouting at each other, this one not standing in line next to this one because this one doesn’t like that one. Ridiculous yes, but that is, in essence what the yes movement has become to those looking in from the outside.

The media are full of glee, spouting on about how the independence movement has been put on the back foot, now is the time to regroup, now is the time to put our differences aside. Independence may be a little further away than we thought but if we do not get our act together and stop the fighting then it really will be gone for a generation.

The Tories in Westminster are a dangerous bunch, to me there is a totalitarian tip-toe going on down there. We have to expose this, having the Tories in opposition could help the independence movement. We have to be on the ball, ready to expose them, scrutinise their every move. In their arrogance they will leave themselves wide open. We have a great opportunity to expose them for what they are. We cannot preach to those who voted no because they felt they were preserving the union. I am quite sure that once they see what that union really represents they will come round. Of course there are those who will always be unionist through and through. People I know who were blinkered are listening, are seeing with their own eyes what’s going on.

So please, can we stop the infighting this movement needs every single one of us to be on the same page. The unionists rub their hands with glee every time they see us fight with each other. We have to remember who the real enemy is here. Westminster.


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