You don’t usually ask permission…

The mainstream media have had a field day this week. The reason, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s journey around the USA and in particular her appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, they seemed to have missed the point entirely however, but hey, what is new?

Sturgeon billed as a comedian confidently put show host Jon Stewart right on the matter as soon as she took to the stage.

“You billed me on your website as a comedian, so you’ve raised all these expectations that I’m going to be funny. And I’m a politician, and as you know, politicians are rarely very funny.”

However, almost all of the mainstream media seem to be focusing on one aspect of the interview and one aspect only Stewart’s comparison of Sturgeon to Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

The Metro tweeted:

Nicola Sturgeon compared to Saddam Hussein after complaining SNP didn’t win all Scottish seats.

Having watched a somewhat shaky home video of Sturgeon’s interview I came away with a different impression than the constant SNP bad the mainstream media seem to want to pull. After the initial first few seconds of Sturgeon’s promotion of Scotland, it was down to business, the real reason for Sturgeon’s visit, Scottish independence.

The opening came in Stewarts comment, a pitch on American independence, he said:

“We went through a very similar process; let me talk you through it.”

Stewart then went on to invite Scotland to join the USA.

“Come and join us, we can offer you a tremendous amount. What they giving you in the UK?”

Sturgeon’s response, what the UK was not giving Scotland:

“They’re cutting our budget; they’re taking things away from us.”

Stewart, then asked in an independent Scotland where the money was going to come from and Sturgeon’s reaction, same as before, Scotland was an oil producing country, had renewable energy, whiskey, food and drink, much of what had been said during the referendum campaign.

Stewart joked. Go back to the first. The oil, Sturgeon was moving away from the oil


“But you have oil, may we invade you?”

The audience laughed but it was not funny, not to me and Sturgeon’s comeback was very informative indeed, in my opinion it told exactly where she stood on the invasion of Iraq.

“You don’t usually ask permission.”

I doubt that statement has won her many admirers among the warmongers in the USA, it did however win me over, a woman of principal, she let them know where she stood on Iraq, she let them know what some of us have come to realise.

The war on Iraq was nothing more than an asset grab, has she burned her bridges with those who wish to wage war in the Middle East, probably, is that a bad thing, definitely not. Therefore, I am a confused by her statement of standing by USA foreign policy, perhaps she does not want to rock the boat too much, who knows, it is a case of watch closely, wait, and see.

Sturgeon is putting herself out there, promoting Scotland and making Scotland’s voice heard. Her campaign pledge to the people of Scotland, seems to me she has taken Scotland’s voice and is putting it on the big stage, in time hopefully, when people think of Scotland they will see a country in her own right and not as a subsidiary of England.

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