From Genesis to Exodus: the short-lived saga of our Del and the Labour Party

It started in a burst of social media hilarity in January 2015 and reached its conclusion here at the end of May 2015 with a more analytical buzz on twitter and facebook. A social media storm, which spread quite quickly to more “serious” print media, attracted a general consensus that the expulsion letter wasn’t very […]

Spanish Reject Austerity as Podemos Take Center Stage

The PP candidate for mayor of Madrid has thrown down the gauntlet, and moved to negotiate a pact with the center left parties in order prevent Manuela Carmena of Podemos becoming mayoress. The PP candidate for the Madrid City Council, Esparanza Aguirre, spoke today (Tuesday) at a press conference to discuss the election results of […]

Left-wing victory in Catalunya’s municipal elections and increase of self-determination representatives

CATALAN NEWS AGENCY – Vote for pro-independence parties CiU, ERC and CUP rises from 33% (2011) to 45% (2015) The municipal elections in Catalonia have resulted in five major highlights. First of all, the overall victory of left-wing parties, in a context of a gradual economic recovery after 7 years of economic crisis, with high […]

UDI: Undemocratic Declaration of Independence?

This week someone told me about their colleague who, having read my contributions on here, says they agree with everything I say, except on the concept of a unilateral declaration of independence (UDI) which they believe would be “undemocratic”. So this post is for that person and others who are interested in how “democratic” or […]

Oh what a tangled web we weave…

Scotland, the tolerant nation, now becoming increasingly intolerant; well of lying scheming politicians, in this case Alistair Carmichael, the ex Scottish Secretary who now takes full responsibility for the memo leak. You all remember that memo, the one where Nicola and the French ambassador Sylvie Bermann were supposed to have some conversation where Nicola said […]

Where’s the Chilcot Report and Rendition Facts?

As Rabbie Burns once said ‘Time winds th’ exhausted chain’ and surely the Bards chains of time must now be at breaking point waiting for the damning contents of the Chilcot report to be made public and to know the full facts of extraordinary rendition. The UK government must release the truth about both complicity […]