SAVING THE ARCHES: HERE WE F*&@ING GO! Hi! I’m Lucy Noble, one time clubber, raver and dedicated Arches follower, and sometime Independence Live broadcaster. I also have an interest in theatre having spent time in the 90’s working in theatre administration for small touring companies. So, when Independence Live put a shoutout for someone to […]

Should ‘alternative’ Scottish media chase news stories?

On Sunday 21st June, six months on from the CommonSpace launch, there is an afternoon party event in Glasgow organised by CommonSpace to celebrate new media in Scotland ( . And the discussion has already started! G.A. Ponsonby, a founder and former editor of is not convinced that there are reasons for this celebration. […]

You don’t usually ask permission…

The mainstream media have had a field day this week. The reason, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s journey around the USA and in particular her appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, they seemed to have missed the point entirely however, but hey, what is new? Sturgeon billed as a comedian confidently put show host […]