Reflections of an newcomer.

This is my contribution to the perennial discussion of who\what are ‘’ ? What follows must be preceded by the understanding that creating a definition of something that is  evolving while helpful to some will only muddy the water for others. I will describe what it is that I think does well, then what I think we […]

Greek’s choose hard road, but Tsipras needs to walk the walk by Al Innes

Following the spectacular victory of OXI in Greece, a new very challenging week started this morning. Al Innes continues to explore the complexity of the Greek situation with a new piece of writing in his blog ( , which we republish here. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ The choice was far from simple. As I pointed out on this […]

Greece in Europe: Choosing the history we want to remember by Al Innes

As the referendum results are firming up in Greece with 61% in favour of NO, the article below by Al Innes becomes increasingly relevant. In this article, which was posted earlier today in his blog (, Al Innes draws a brilliant picture of the cultural complexity surrounding the political decision Greek people were asked to […]

#Greferendum 5 – A written interview by Daniel Albarracin (Podemos)

Voting has just ended in Greece, 7pm local time, today Sunday 5 July 2015. Will it be a No, or a Yes? In an effort to keep up with rapid developments about the Greek Referendum, I am posting here a written interview kindly provided by Daniel Albarracin, member of Podemos. The Spanish have been extremely […]

Greece should fight the ‘Euro Club’ from within

I believe the Syriza party is selling the Greek population a pig in a poke.  They are misleading the population by adopting a populist stance on Europe and currency while still appealing to the radical left that they are a fundamentally anti-establishment party.  They have mismanaged the negotiations over the Greek bailout situation, and now […]