Spain Caught Lying About EU Position on UDI

The European Commission didn’t authorise any official answer regarding a hypothetical Unilateral Declaration of Independence in Catalunya. It is not for the Commission to express a position on questions of internal organisation related to the constitutional arrangements of a particular Member State. This statement was the one agreed by President Juncker” stated EC spokeswoman Natasha […]

Spanish PM Chased by Angry Shoppers The Spanish president Mariano Rajoy and the PP candidate in Sunday’s election in Catalunya, Xavier García Albiol, suddenly had to cancel a Tuesday evening walk through the center of Reus as dozens of people rose up in protest at their presence with cries for independence in scenes reminiscent of Sean Clerkin’s now infamous confrontation […]

Son o No Son: Catalans Will Continue to be European Citizens Regardless

Miriano Rajoy was left floundering on the issue of continued European rights for Catalans as the pressure mounts on the Madrid government ahead of this weekend’s quasi independence vote. The Spanish premiere bleated out yet more fearmongering via a mainstream media source, Onda Cero, commenting that the Catalan people would somehow lose their right to […]

Catalunya 27S: Shit Just Got Real

Pro-independence parties will get a comfortable majority, according to a survey by Madrid based broadsheet El País. The regional elections are taking place as normal in Catalunya but a return of mainly pro-independence parties will deliver a mandate for the Roadmap to Independence to be implemented and a very likely declaration of UDI in 18 […]

“EU Can’t Be Used as an Excuse” Against Catalonia’s Independence

Catalonia’s fitting into the EU “should not be used as an argument” in Catalonia’s independence debate, the Swedish Parliament’s Committee of European Affairs’ president Carl Schlyter stated this Thursday. “If a new state wants to apply for membership, why would we deny that?” he said and emphasised that to be part of the EU depends […]

Catalan Roadmap to Independence Guarantees “No Leaps Into The Void”

‘Junts Pel Sí’ presented this Friday its detailed roadmap towards independence. The cross-party coalition guaranteed that every step towards building a new Catalonia is “rigorously” planned and that there won’t be any “leap into the void”, in the words of the Commissioner for National Transition, solicitor Carles Viver Pi-Sunyer. Pi-Sunyer added that “it is a […]