The Stream Will Never Die: episode 4

Episode 4 of our podcast is now available In this week’s episode we feature highlights from: Scotland’s Climate March and Rally RISE: system change – not climate change Gearóid Ó Colmáin Scotland in Europe IndyLive social You can click on the livestream titles above to view the livestreams in full. Subscribe on other podcast […]

Cameron Desperate To Murder Syrian Citizens

The lives of many innocent Syrian civilians including children will be decided at an expected Parliamentary vote next week. It seems clear that many sane and reasonable people that are currently classed as citizens of the UK are against the UK bombing of Syria, but will the politicians take heed? There seems to be a […]

The Stream Will Never Die: episode 3

Episode 3 of our podcast is now available In this week’s episode we feature highlights from: North Lanarkshire water contamination Deek Jackson Bill Still Bruce Crail MacLeod & Susanne Brusch Dr Lee Salter Blab Subscribe on other software with the feed URL:

The Stream Will Never Die: episode 2

Episode 2 of our podcast is now available We have published a second episode of our podcast, The Stream Will Never Die, featuring audio highlights from six of our recent livestreams with commentary from Gavin Taylor and Gerry Mulvenna. This episode features highlights from the Carmichael hearing, the Andrew Stoddart demo, Yanis Varoufakis, Simon Harris […]

The Stream Will Never Die: the Independence Live podcast

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new venture, which is a regular podcast, presenting selected audio clips from our livestreams, with lots of scope to offer other features as this project develops. Subscribe on other software with the feed URL: Our first episode features highlights from: Juliet Swann on Holyrood voting […]

ISIS is a creation of the United States – Gearoid O’Colmain speaking to RT 14/11/15

In amongst a mainstream media narrative that is taking heavy political steering to ramp up hatred of the ‘other’ and to stimulate consensus for pre-planned military action, a lone voice piped up on Russia Today to put a great deal of the last 24 hour’s confusion into informed context. Gearoid O’Colmain is an independent political […]

Catalunya – CUP Freeze Out Artur Mas

Artur Mas is set to become the first Presidential candidate to be denied a majority at this stage in the formation of the new Catalan parliament. The far left CUP have maintained their anti- Mas position and joined the unionists in denouncing Mas as a candidate leaving him with only the 62 votes of the […]

Catalan Parliament Declares the Start of the Independence Process

The roadmap to start building “an independent Catalan State in the form of a republic” has been approved this Monday by the Generalitat of Catalunya. The proposal, presented by the majority pro-independence parties, Junts Pel Sí and radical left CUP, establishes the “will to start the negotiations in order to create the democratic mandate for […]