Long form podcast extra: Tommy Sheridan and James Kelly debate the list vote

http://tvl.ink/podcasts/2016-02-26-Tommy-Sheridan-James-Kelly.mp3 David McGowran invites Tommy Sheridan (Solidarity co-convener) and James Kelly (Scot Goes Pop blogger) to explore the boundaries of possibility within the Additional Member System, which will be used to elect the Scottish Parliament in May 2016. You can listen to, subscribe to or download the podcast in a number of ways: Download or […]

Long form podcast extra: an interview with John Perkins, former “economic hitman”

http://tvl.ink/podcasts/2016-02-18-John-Perkins.mp3 Listen to David McGowran’s interview with author John Perkins, who wrote the revealing book “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” in 2004. He has just published an expanded and updated book called “The New Confessions of an Economic Hitman” and talks at length to David about what we can do to turn the death economy […]