Has Kezia Dugdale been pushed into supporting Independence?

So, did Jeremy Corbyn merely partake in an embarrassingly badly attended 5-day tour to remind everyone of his lack of support in Scotland? Or did he have plans to wish Kezia Dugdale well in whatever she chose to do next? For me, it was the later. I don’t think she so much ‘passed the baton’ […]

The Endocannabinoid System – A Wee Primer

This is just a basic primer and bullet points of the mechanics and pictures of moments and systems, in time. They do not explain the full function of the EC system which is always on the quest for homeostasis, balance, equilibrium… and through this, allows us to be fully engaged in the flow of life. […]

The personal consequences of Brexit. Danish Lene moves back home after 33 years.

I’m desperately sad to see my long term Danish friend Lene Kruhoffer reluctantly abandon her adopted Scotland after 33 years. Essentially Lene has been forced out of her defacto home by the uncertain future of the Brexit shambles . I have known Lene for about half of that time and attended Napier University in Edinburgh […]