A Loud Hello.

The last two years have been an amazing time in Scottish politics. So many people have found their voices and have powerful stories to tell three years ago I had never spoken in public but like many women have had the opportunity to share my vision of an Independent Scotland. This confidence will never be lost now it is part of our DNA. We can question politicians and disagree and demand we are not only consulted but are part of any political process. We are citizens now not subjects who will be patted on the head and get a chap on the door from those who consider themselves our betters at election time.

With citizenship comes responsibility too. Westminster may have decided the petulant Scots have been quelled once again but we know that the desire for Independence carries on with polls suggesting 55% of Scots would now vote for Independence. To get 45% of the vote was a major achievement but now we have to keep the spirit of the 45 alive. That is why I am proud to be part of a movement of citizen journalists. Thanks to Independence Live for asking me. I hope to report on the cuts which are impacting on the most vulnerable. Cameron may have promised to protect the most vulnerable but his words are like those of Toom Tabard empty promises. I will be reporting on the cuts especially in relation to people with disabilities and those who are unpaid carers. Of course I have a few other ideas. So let’s gather round the fire, keep the flame of Independence going and most importantly allow our stories to be heard as we know they will probably not even be covered by the mainstream media. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Published by Sandra Webster

National co-spokespersons along with Colin Fox for the Scottish Socialist Party.

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